[LB024346], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, April 12th, 1887


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[LB024346], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, April 12th, 1887

Editor's Notes

There has been quite an interest since the date of my last general letter to you owing to my having been out in Chicago, settling up a Machine Works mattered with the late Western Edison Co. ## I have just this afternoon returned from Schenectady where they are struggling with floods. The Machines are at present on an island. Today they are closed down as they can be reached only in small boats but they think the will recede during the night and permit them to start up again tomorrow. ##Illuminating Stock## Drexel Morgan + Co. has repeated the last sale of Illuminating Stock 500 (?) shares in all realizing $75.96 75/xx an average price of $94 84/100 per share. The scrip dividend of 7% on 739 shares ($5173) they hold for you. ## Novella## I sent you some time ago copy of my reissue of the phone pamphlet together with my circular letter and copies of testamonials. ##These have only been out a few days but have brought in orders from three Roads size: The NYLE + the Norfolk Western RR Chicago Burlington Northern RR the start work on the Erie on Monday others will {illegible} as rapidly as we can attack there. All of our circuits are in first class shape. I have an appointment with Mr. Bates to settle up the B+0 matter tomorrow--will write you the result. ##United Co.## You have doubtless heard that Chinnock has taken the general management of his concern and has established himself at 65 Fifth Ave. This was caused by a ruling that Hutchinson's policy was not sufficiently rigorous. Hutchinson remains as assistant. ##Light Stock## This stock sold yesterday @ 235, Today 230 is bid but no sales. ## Insull tells me that the Machine Works are turning out four miles of tubing per week for the Uptown Station and as soon as it became necessary wil more than double the output. Johnson visited Schnectady ends was more than pleased with what he said. He did not anticipate seeing such a large and well equipped concur. MacDougals connection with the work was severed on Monday. Insull will give you particulars in regard to this and the arrangments which will be made to replace him. This not fully decided yet when they will install. ## I have met with some delay in getting that sheet copper and iron which you ordered as I could not find it in stock anywhere. It will go forward in a day or two. I am pushing it al I possibliy can. ## The chemicals were forwarded yesterday for Adams expenses to Cleveland {illegible} Captain of the Alice Howard. ## There was a paper sent you relative to {illegible} which was written in French. You were to initial the first that and sign where instructed on the second sheet, writing above your name the legend "Bon prour pousier" (which means "Good for power") ## Coster (?) is very anxious to get this as he cannot go ahead in European matters until it is returned. Kindly forward it as soon as you can. ## I am going out on Saturday to have a look at your house and will write you about it.## I haven't seen any more Boston checks. ## Your balance in the Peoples Bank on March 31st was $12, 812. I have not seen Batchelor since his return from the South. He is in Scranton at present but has asked me to meet him on Friday. ## I am very sorry to learn that you are not so well. I trust to hear better reports during the next few days.




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