[LB024370], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, April 19th, 1887



Enclosed please find duplicate bill for Eimer + Amend's goods which I advised you had been expressed on 11th inst. ## I missed you on the 14th--asking for information regarding copper and sheet iron which Bergmann Co. said they must obtain before they could fill your order just as you require it filled. Not hearing from you I instructed Bergmann to use his best judgment in this matter. Which he is doing. I received your letter of 7th on 13th--the day after I had answered your query re: illuminating stock. ## In case the latter should miscarry (?) I will repeat that Drexel Morgan have sold 801 shares realizing the sum of $75, 964 75/100 an average price of $ 94 84/100 for share. ## They hold for you’re a/c $5173 being scrip dividend of 7% on 739 shares which number they had on hand when such dividend was paid. ## I have seen (?)annington and gave him your increase in regard to Mexico. ## Your brother has just been in and says they will be through work on your house in about ten days, so that order will have been restored by the time you return. ##Phonoplex## The Erie installation will be completed tomorrow when we take hold of the Norfolk + Western by circuit. Bates of the B+O was out of town when I called to keep any appropriate men with him. He sent over to me yesterday for a dozen copies of {illegible} reissue of phone pamplet and circular letters so is evidently coming to a conclusion in regard to the system. Mr. Stweart sent Telegraph of the B+O Lines our of Baltimore told me the other day that the Harrisburg cirucity had worked and was still working splendidally and so far as the Baltimore officials are concerned they will execute contracts immediately. ## I understand that Wiman has communicated with you in regards to your becoming a director in a company of his which owns patents on a pulverizer. ## You will remember my having shown you a sample of {illegible} which had been ground by a very cheap process. This is the machine which ground it. I have seen it in operation and heard {illegible} it the best in the market and {illegible} in its results. Wiman is pushing it pretty hard. ## He wrote down here the other day saying he considered the present propositions to approach the Western Union people re: phonoplex. I saw him the other day and he mentioned the matter but said h had no figures in regard to compare the cost of the phone equipment with Morse equipment. ## The figures that he really wanted however were those expressing the amount of his commission. This matter will have to await your return.## Please sign and return the enclosed orders so I may obtain the letters.## Floods at Schenectady have subsided--the works were delayed only a day. Insull, who is in town today, tells me they have installed Turner in the position vacated by MacDougal and that there is a big improvement in the management of the men already. ##Turner is anxious to make a name for himself in connection with the Machine Works and fully realizes that he has now a good opportunity. ## Coster received that European Power which you executed. I will write you tomorrow re: European matters and explain why this power is required.








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[LB024370], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, April 19th, 1887

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