[LB025050H], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Samuel Insull, August 9th, 1887



I have your letter of the 6th instant in reference to the paper which you promised to deliver to Chapman. ## I met Batchelor this morning (Monday) at the office of the United Company, and we found their affairs in such condition that we could not ask them to advance you the $3,000.00 which you wanted to make up the amount of the note you desire to obtain. Bergmann has just rendered them a bill for $10,000. and requested a note for it to-day, and as every item of the bill was new to the officers of the United Company matters were in a state of confusion so we simply took a note for the amount which stood on their books in your favor, viz, $3,394.78. This I delievered to Chapman, explaining to him that [you?] had been a mistaken as to the amount of paper which you could obtain by to-day. He said it was all right but that he would like to get some more of it, and I told him it was possible that we could give him $3,000. more this week. He would like to have this by Friday at latest. If you can hurry forward your shipment and bills so as to get them vouchered, I will obtain the paper and deliver it to Chapman for you. You will receive the proceeds of the note now in his hands the day after to-morrow in accordance with my telegram. I am holding the vouchers for signature when you come to town.









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[LB025050H], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Samuel Insull, August 9th, 1887

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