[LB025112], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, August 20th, 1888



[patent case reference] Enclose herewith a copy of letter from Gouraud to Dyer & Seely dated 7 th inst. And a copy of Dyers letter to myself### The two previous cases which Gouraud speaks of , and the connection with which he applied for short term patents were Nos 84 and 85##. They have been more cases forwarded to him there since no86 and no 87### Case no.86 covers the improvements you made concerning diaphragms methis of recording , sharpening one end of the wave, phonograma & C. and case 87 Embodies your improvements in the mechanism of the phonogrpah itself. ### On the 23rd of November 1887 Dyer wrote Gouraaud stating that you desired him ( Gouraud) not to apply for patents in short term countries ( you understand that in such countures the date of application is the date of the patent) unless he has received advice that patents on the same cases been issued here, or that such cases were in such shape that the U.S. patent would not be affected by foreign patents.### C again on on the 22nd day of C March 1888 Dyer repeated these instructions to Gouraud in another letter.### In your contract with Col. Gouraud covering foreign Countries you agree to furnish him with " such date information and drawings may be necessary to enable the said Gouraud to apply for and obtain in the name of the said Edison Letters patents in each and every conuintries aforementioned. ##Provided however that the said TAE shall not be called upon to do anything which will prevent either the obtaining of Lettters patent upon such invention or imporvemnts in the limited state or shorter the life of any such patents when obtained. ### Gouraud has read this agreement over and over again and when he was here not only yourself but Mrs. Dyer also informed his verbally that he was not to apply for patents in short term countries### in view of all these facts I sent today the following cablegram to Gouraud Norwood## Surprised and greatly annoyed to learn that had taken patents on cases 84 and 85 in short term counties in direct violation of my instructions to you personally and through Dyer I forbid absolutely a r epitition in connection with cases 86 and 87 TAE " ### I have alos written Colonel Gouraud and encloseda copy of the letter I have considered it necessary that Gouraud should get this letter as quickly as possibkle otherwise I would have awaited your return so could have signed it yourself### I will make us comments on this matter as after reading the coreespondence you will doubtless have enough strenght left to made a few comments yourself.### Dayer says that cases 84 and 85 ( the first two) are not so very important buy 86 abd 87 are of utmost important








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[LB025112], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, August 20th, 1888

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