[LB027028], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to George Edward Gouraud, November 13th, 1888



"I have received your letter of 16th ult. In regard to patents, and I observe that you treat Mr. Hardingham's communication as a final settlement of the discussion, which [unclear] of no means is. Mr. Hardingham is correct so far as he has gone, but he has not considered the whole of the [unclear] of a letter from Messrs. Dyer & Seely, with, [unclear]with such correspondence as has already been with you, should enable you to form a very clear idea to [unclear]of short term patents on my U.S. patents. Please be careful note of Messrs. Dyer & Seely's statement as follows: [long quote follows] 'The prolongation of the Portuguese patent after the issue of the United States patents has no effect upon them, for the Courts have held that what controls the term of the United States patent is the term for which the foreign patent was originally granted, and not the term to which it may subsequently be prolonged.' ### I'm surprised to hear from Mess. Dyer & Seely that you have neglected to furnish them with dates and numbers of all foreign patents which you have obtained. I would have asked you to send this information direct to me had I not understood that you had arranged to keep my patent attorneys fully posted with respect to foreign patents, thereby enabling them to advise me intelligently. ### You have characterized my letters on this subject as "rather warm," and I am prepared to say that they have done but simple justice to my feelings. I feel sure that certain of my U.S. Phono, patents would not to-day be limited to a life of five years had you in your correspondence paid more attention to the important details of your work in progress, and kept me properly advised in regard to what you were doing. ### I wish you would take immediate steps to establish a regular system between your office and that of my patent attorneys, with the view of furnishing them with a complete record of applications grants &c. in foreign countries." Yours truly, [signed] TAE









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[LB027028], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to George Edward Gouraud, November 13th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University