[LB027119], Letter from George Parsons Lathrop to Alfred Ord Tate, November 18th, 1888


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[LB027119], Letter from George Parsons Lathrop to Alfred Ord Tate, November 18th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[Heading: Copy.] "This morning brought me your letter of yesterday, the 17th, asking if I can fix a certain date in June – the day when I was at the Laboratory and talked with you at length about the "drop nickel" or "amusement" phonograph; and when Tomlinson, Gilliland and Lippincott were closeted with Mr. Edison. By reference to bills and other papers, I am able to fix the date almost exactly. I was in New York only twice in June. The first time was from June 6th to June 13th; and the 2d time was June 22d and June 23d. This second time I went out to the Laboratory and saw there was to be a conference with Tomlinson, Gilliland and Lippincott the next day……or perhaps he told me the conference was to be later in that same day. I think I ran out to the Lab. Again that same day, or the next, hoping to see T., G. and Edison together, but they were then busy with the conference and I did not see any of them…….I did not go to the Lab. Again until the other day (Oct. 20th). Now this June 22d or 23d may be the date you are looking for; but it is not the time I had the long talk with you, which you refer to, while waiting for Edison to get through with T., G. and Lippincott. That time was during the previous visit, between June 6th and June 18th. I find that I wrote to Mrs. Lathrop from the Glenham on the morning of June 13th…….I had been expecting a dispatch from you about meeting with Edison, G. & T., but as it didn't come, I paid my hotel bill and left on the 13th. I find a dispatch from you dated June 14th, and sent to the Glenham…..As this is dated the day after I left it must have been sent on to me by mail from the Glenham. All this fixes the time when I was at the Lab. And talked with you; for I remember I stayed in N.Y. only a couple after that, waiting to hear further from you. As you may recall I was urging that the parties in interest to the Amusement Co. should meet and consult; and as they were all on the ground then, I wanted a time fixed for such consultation. After a long while Edison, T., G. and Lippincott came out. Edison said he would consult at any time when G. & T. would……I could not get anything arranged, so I left on an understanding with you that you would let me know at the Glenham as soon as a consultation could be hand. After waiting two days in N.Y., I became convinced that G. and T. were not going to allow any consultation to take place, and so I [unclear] back to New London on the 13th. This makes it almost certain that the day when I was at the Lab. Was Monday, June 11th. (I think the conference with Lippincott that day was the first day that had been held). The later time was Friday June 22d, or Saturday June 23d, or both. On one of those days there was a conference of Edison, T., G. and L.; but that was not the day when I had the talk with you….You asking me whether the time was before or after June 28th makes me think that the date you are trying to place may possibly be that one of June 22d or June 23d…(Signed) G. P. Lathrop"





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