[LB027857], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Dyer and Seely, January 22nd, 1889



"I enclose herewith copy of a letter which we have received from Col. Gouraud under date 6th instant; also copy a letter addressed to Col. Gouraud by his Patent Agent in Rome, Italy. Col. Gouraud's letter to Mr. Edison is in response to Mr. Edison's letter of Dec. 15th, a copy of which I sent you some time ago, and which sets forth a number of instructions in regard to applying for and taking out patents in Europe that we require Col. Gouraud to follow. Col. Gouraud appears to require information in regard to Austria, where he mentions some recent decisions, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and the Argentine Republic, in which countries he states—and the same thing is stated by his agent in Rome—that the proportioned taxes are the only ones which affect the duration of a patent; that they must be paid in advance for the full term for which the patent has been applied for; and that the annual taxes do not require to be paid for the full term, but before the expiration of each year. ### Kindly let us have your opinion of this correspondence. I have not submitted the matter to Mr. Edison, and do not wish to trouble him until it is completely threshed out. As I feel now, I think the best way for us to handle Col. Gouraud, would be to request him to correspond directly with yourselves, and to state over Mr. Edison's signature that he must be guided by any instructions which you give. This would end a three-cornered correspondence, and render us less liable to meet with trouble confusion." Yours very truly, A.O. Tate









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[LB027857], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Dyer and Seely, January 22nd, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


January 22, 1889