[LB027983], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to James Dredge, January 29th, 1889



"I am indebted for your letter of 16th instant. I regret to say that Mr. Wiley has not explained his account to you in the way he should. Col. Gouraud advanced him altogether ninety pounds, of which a statement of thirty pounds was sent to you. The 60 pounds as an overdraft against Mr. Wiley's account. In order to reduce this overdraft, I am going to make the following arrangement: You will be kind enough to pay Mr. Wiley four pounds per week for his living expenses. This will enable me to credit his account with two pounds per week out of the six pounds originally allowed him for expenses. This arrangement will also allow his account to be credited with all of his salary, excepting such portion of the same as is paid over to his wife. In this way, the amount of his overdraft will be reduced. ### In regard to Ore Milling Machine which you have set up, I should be glad to have you show it to any of your friends who are interested in the work which it performs. As to newspaper publications, I have no objection to having the machine written up by the press. You, of course, understand that the Ore Milling apparatus which you now have is designed or intended for the working of gold ores. It is for use only in connection with iron ores. ### I will communicate with you further in regard to any other business arrangements which I may wish to make. I am not quite prepared to do so at present." Yours very truly, [signed] TAE









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[LB027983], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to James Dredge, January 29th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


January 29, 1889