[LB028762], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to James Dredge, March 22nd, 1889



"The arrangement which I proposed carrying out when I first sent the Ore Milling process to England has been disturbed to such an extent as to render it impossible for me to go on with the work in which you have assisted so ably and generously, and I, therefore, hasten to advise you of the decision which [has been?] forced upon me by unforseen circumstances. ### While I know that your friendship for Mr. Wiley and your desire to further his interests have been the primary motives for your co-operation, I believe that your action has also been prompted by your kindly feeling towards myself – a feeling which I appreciate and reciprocate most heartily. ### The plant which has been erected in the yard of Messrs. Vantin & Newbury I not have no use for, as the one which I have sent to Paris will answer every purpose I not have in view, and I am, therefore, going to ask you if you will be kind enough to have the Engineer whom you have placed in charge of the London installation, take the same down and box the parts and I will in a few days send you directions for their disposition. ### Also, will you be good enough to draw upon me at sight for the full amount of the expense outstanding at present and insurred in complying with the request just made of you. ### In conclusion, let me thank you again for all the assistance you have rendered me during the past six months, and believe me." Yours very truly, [Signed] TAE










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[LB028762], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to James Dredge, March 22nd, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University