[LB029134], Letter from Thomas Maguire (Edison Employee) to Alfred Ord Tate, April 16th, 1889



"There has not been anything of much importance transpired at the Laboratory to-day. ### There was a letter in this morning's mail, under date 13th instant, from Jesse Seligman, the Banker, asking Mr. Edison to call and see him at his office in New York, Monday or Tuesday, a matter of business. The letter was addressed to Menlo Park; hence the delay in receiving it. As per instructions from Mr. Edison, I wrote Seligman a nice letter, stating that the former had been working all of last night and expected to work every night this week, that it was impossible for him to go into New York to-day, but if the matter was important he would arrange to go in and see him one day this week, &c. &c. ### There is also a letter addressed to yourself from Selden, stating that the rate named his Company for phonoplex will be considered confidential, and requesting us to prepare new contracts. ### We also received to-day from Dick check for Mimeograph Royalty to April 1st, amounting to $518.24. ### There is a letter from the 'World,' requesting, on behalf of Mr. Pulitzer, the address of the manufacturers of the toy phonograph, which I am holding until you return. ### Mr. Auchinclose [?] and a large party of friends visited the Laboratory yesterday afternoon, and were shown through, Mr. Kennelly during the honors. ### I intended going into New York to-day to get Gouraud's power of attorney for India fixed up, but there were so many little things cropped up requiring immediate attention. I was unable to do so. Will go in tomorrow." Yours respectfully, Thomas Maguire









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[LB029134], Letter from Thomas Maguire (Edison Employee) to Alfred Ord Tate, April 16th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University