[LB035233], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to L L (Mrs F.) Maclennan, December 23rd, 1889



Mr. Edison has received your letter under date 26th November, and has asked me to reply to same.##I regret very much that we have no literature here concerning the phonograph that I could send with this letter. I think, however, that you can obtain pamphlets &c. explanatory of the instrument, form the perusal of which you can form a very good idea as to its capabilities, by applying to the North American Phonograph Company, No. 160 Broadway, New York City, which controls the phonograph in Nova Scotia. The machine is not very large, occupying with cabinet stand, only about as much space as would be taken up by a sewing machine. It is very well adapted for the reproduction of music, and is being extensively used for that purpose. The North American Company does not sell the instruments, but rents them to their customers, charging, I believe, $40 per year for each machine. Whether or not the musical reproductions of the phonograph would answer for Church purposes depends largely upon the size of the edifice in which the instrument would be used. With the aid of a funnel, to magnify the sound, the music so produced is perfectly audible throughout a large sized hall.##An article on the phonograph written by Mr. Edison, appeared in the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW (published in New York City) during the early part of last year, and you could obtain from this all the information you desire in regard to the capabilities of the machine. Yours respectfully, A.O. Tate








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[LB035233], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to L L (Mrs F.) Maclennan, December 23rd, 1889

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