[LB049518], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co Ltd, John M Henderson (London), April 16th, 1891


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[LB049518], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co Ltd, John M Henderson (London), April 16th, 1891




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Orange, N.J.
April 16th, 1891
The General Zinc Recovery and Lighting Co. Limited.
London, E.C.
Dear Sir:-
I beg to say in reply to your letter of 13th ultimo, answering the three questions which you ask therin, first, that I am willing to pay your Company the same royalty as I pay Mess. Lalande & Chaperon, for the privilege of selling Edison-Lalande sells within the territory for which you hold the patent rights-that is to say,, 5 cents per litre capacity of each cell. I enclose herewith a sheet upon which are illustrated the various types which are made by the Edison Manufacturing Company, showing the litre [per] capacity of each and the amount of royalty. Second. In regard to channels through which I would propose disposing of the cells in your country, this would depend altogether upon subsequent circumstance. The agent for the battery in such European countries we have the privilege of seling in is Mr. Philip S. Dyer, of Antwerp, Belgium, the foreign representative of the American Edison factories. I would place the cells primarily in Mt. Dyer’s hands and leave to his judgement the formation of a connection with selling agents.
Third. With respect to the lowest cost at which our factory can supply these cells to your Company, in case you should decide to push the sales yourselves, I have had the very lowest costs ascertained, and would allow you a discount of 55% from the list prices quoted in our catalogues which are already in your hands, for orders of not less than five hundred cells. The very largest discount which we allow to the largest dealers in this country is 30% and 15%.
I am sending you, under separate cover, some copies of a “Medical Catalogue” issued by the Edison Manufacturing Company. In addition to the battery referred to terein, we have, since these catalogues were printed, made a galvanic battery and a endoscopic battery. The galvanic battery is not illustrated in the catalogue, as it was not completed at the time at the time this printing was done. You will find a description of it on page 8.
I believe this information will be sufficient to enable your Directors to reach a decision. Should your Company determine to handle the battery we will supply you with very full information giving the result of our experience and practice with respect to large and small installations, and assist you in every way possible.
If your Company decide to accept a royalty and to permit the Edison Manufacturing Company to handle the business, I will be glad to receive early information to this effect, so that I may advise you with respect to certain points which should be embodied in a license agreement.
Yours very truly,
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