[LB052053], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Sherburne Blake Eaton, August 27th, 1891


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[LB052053], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Sherburne Blake Eaton, August 27th, 1891




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


August 27, 1891.
Major S. B. Eaton,
Edison Building, Broad Street,
New York City.
Dear Sir:-
Enclosed please find the following papers:
(a) Draft of form of indenture, without date, Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Company and the Edison Phonograph Works, marked on the outside A “Copy of Manufacturing Contract referred to in Edison’s proposition to Ed. Phono. Toy Mfg. Co.” The foregoing inscription in ink followed by these words in pencil: “Proposed Manufacturing Contract.”
(b) Draft of license agreement Edison Phonograph Toy Mfg. Co. and Thomas Alva Edison, dated 1st day of July, 1889, marked on the back, in ink, “(A) Copy of Contract for Manufacture referred to in Edison’s proposition to Edison Phono. Toy Mfg. Co.” Also marked in pencil “License Contract.”
(c) License agreement, without date, Edison Phono. Toy Mfg. Co. and Thomas Alva Edison; no marks on the back of this contract. (d) Original letter from Mr. W. W. Jacques to Mr. Stevens, dated August 5th, 1889.
(e) Copy of letter dated July 16th, 1889, from Winfield S. Hutchinson to S. B. Eaton, Esq.
(f) Copy of letter dated August 10th, 1889, from Winfield S. Hutchinson to S. B. Eaton, Esq.
(g) Page No. 2 of a communication addressed by Mr. Winfield S. Hutchinson to Mr. Benj. F. Stevens, Hotel Windsor, Rue de Rivoli, Paris.
(h) Paper in my handwriting endorsed on the back “Proposition made by T. A. Edison (Through Mr. Tate) to Edison Phono. Toy Mfg. Co.
You will recollect that at the meeting in Mr. Insull’s office between Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Mackintosk and Mr. Madden, representing the Edison Phonograph Toy Mfg. Co., and yourself, Mr. Insull and myself, representing Mr. Edison, reference was made to the manufacturing contract between the E. P. T. M. CO. and the Edison Phono Works, and Mr. Hutchinson stated that I held certain papers which had been given to me by Mr. Benj. F. Stevens, the President of the Toy Company. The enclosed are the papers referred to by Mr. Hutchinson. They were handed to me in Paris by Mr. Stevens. The paper in my handwriting is the basis upon which the negotiations with the Toy Company were carried through. Mr. Hutchinson seems to think that because this paper contains the following sentence: “Simultaneously the Company gives Edison a contrast substantially in form submitted granting exclusive right to manufacture for sale in foreign countries etc,” that the agreement for manufacture which [illegible text] executed should have been exactly the same as the one referred to in this memorandum. I told Mr. Hutchinson when he was submitting this paper (my recollection is that Mr. Jacques was with him) that I was not prepared at that time to settle the terms of a manufacturing contract, for the reason that his Company had not at that time assented to the conditions of this memorandum with respect to the issue of certain stock to Mr. Edison etc. In short, this was simply a basis of settlement and all details were deferred for future adjustment.
I submit these papers to you for the reason that I think this matter will come up again very shortly, and when it does you will want to be posted on the situation. It is Mr. Hutchinson’s intention to demand some sweeping changes in the manufacturing agreement, and he is going to use this paper in justification of his claim.
Please acknowledge receipt, and oblige
Yours very truly,
Private Secretary.
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