[LB056502], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, May 16th, 1892


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[LB056502], Letter from Alfred Ord Tate to Thomas Alva Edison, May 16th, 1892




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


May 16, 1892
Dear Mr. Edison,-
I telephoned you to-day in regard to my letter of 16th instant, to correct the impression which it gave you in regard to motors. I referred to nature for supplying the Works in accordance with the plan which we decided upon when you were here.
In regard to manufacture of small motors, I saw Mr. Klep yesterday in Lynn and submitted curves and models. The [illegible] were pronounced very satisfactory indeed, but I found that Mr. Rice was entirely unfamiliar with this class of machine, as the [ENTIRE REST OF PARAGRAPH ILLEGIBLE] and I returned here this morning I had Mr. Kennelly write him a letter explaining matters fully and I mailed this letter explaining matters fully and I mailed this letter to Mr. Rice to-day, so that he will get it the first thing in the morning. It was fortunate that I found out just what the situation is, because the Committee meets to-morrow, and if the other members as are no better posted than Mr. Rice we might have suffered through their lack of information. I can think of nothing has been left undone to secure this work. I am confident that they will not adopt any motor other than ours, and that is we lose manufacture it will be because they themselves will undertake to do it
RE WAX. I note you say in regard to Phonograph Works never having paid the Manufacturing Co. anything for wax. I was never able to get any money out of them for this account, and I did not consider it advisable to permit such a large amount to stand in open account. Up to the 1st of March you received demand notes representing wax sales to the extent of $22, 076.72. When at your request I looked into the affairs of the Phonograph Works at the latter end of March and we were relieved from carrying the latest manufacture from week to week, I arranged to pay cash for work, and will continue to do so. As soon as possible I will take up some of the demand notes which have been given for wax [illegible] the very best I own to it the moment is to pay cash for present section illegible] preparing the entries to adjust our a/c [section illegible]. In fact, there are several matters in this connection which I wish to discuss with you some time during the next few says.
You will recollect that I told you I was going to attach the money due Chas L. Marshall by the Nickel-Slot Company, to ensure the payment of bills of the Phonograph Works and the Manufacturing Co. against Marshall for musical records and batteries, amounting in all to about $400. I succeeded in collecting the money to-day so that an attachment is unnecessary.
P. S. At Mr. Rice's request Mr. Kennelly is running curves on the Crocker-Wheeler 1/12 and 1/6 motors, prepared in similar manner to those made for our motors. May 16, 1892.
Dear Mr. Edison,-
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