[LM022044], Letter from Charles Patterson Bruch to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, August 13th, 1888


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[LM022044], Letter from Charles Patterson Bruch to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, August 13th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[addressed to Victoria Hotel, London] "I have just returned from Adrian after doing everything that was necessary to complete the organization of the Gilliland Electric Company as a corporation. I wrote out the minutes of stock-holder's and director's meetings and [unclear] the certificates of stock. There are a few papers that it will be necessary for you to sign in order to complete the files; waivers of notices, etc. The deed executed by you on the day you sailed will not be recorded for the reason that it contains information in regard to the foreclosure purchase which Mr. [Walls?] thinks it unwise to put on record. They will hold it, however, to secure the Company, until you return, at which time you will sign a backdated contract to transfer the property and execute a simple warranty deed after the time in which the property may be redeemed has expired. With the exception of these few details there is nothing remaining to be done in connection with the organization. ### As it was necessary for me to return to New York to see Mr. Ward and arrange the Consolidated International Railway matters, I did not have time to do any actual work upon the books. I found the accounts in bad shape. They have kept no cash account whatever and the accounts that they have kept are in such shape that nobody but Mr. J. P. Gilliland can understand them and even with his assistance I think it would require considerable time to straighten them out. This condition of affairs seems due to the fact that nobody in the office understands book-keeping. Mr. Parish is going to take a course of book-keeping at once; and they have decided to employ an accountant to open the books and straighten out the accounts of the past years' work. I have no doubt that this can be done by the exercise of some care and patience. I made some suggestions as to how they should proceed and they have agreed to inform me as to what is done in the matter. ### All of your people in Adrian are well. With the exception of Mr. & Mrs. Gilliland and Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon and Mr. J. F. Gilliland, they are all at Devil's Lake. ### You will notice this letter head; I have ordered a small supply; enough to last until you return, as we were entirely out of other paper." Yours very truly, Chas. P. Bruch




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