[LM022202], Letter from Charles Patterson Bruch to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, October 23rd, 1888


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[LM022202], Letter from Charles Patterson Bruch to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, October 23rd, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Your two letters of the 11th enclosing cheque to my order for $500.00 and two cheques for $1000.00 each to order Drexel Morgan and Company were received yesterday morning. In your last previous letter you said cheque for $500.00 was enclosed, but there was no enclosure. ### I wrote you to care S.S. Bretagne, Havre—and letters were forwarded to the same address for other members of your part. As it seems doubtful that you have received this Bretagne letter I quote from it on receipt of your cable concerning settlement with J.H.L. I went at once to 160—found him out of town. Saw him next morning, he agreed to your proposition and I cabled you accordingly. Kitchen drew contract, which I submitted to his Attorney. On the following Friday we executed contracts, without alternation. I gave me cheque for $24985.00 and handed over three notes—due Nov. Dec. and Jany. 15th without grace, together with the two certificates ([unclear] shares) surrendered by you on Aug. 1st. ### THis made up the 3847 shares collateral all of which is in my hands except two [unclear] of 154 shares each which belong to Tomlinson and were not left with me. Tomlinson was to hand them over when he returned as you will remember. I cabled you this, and after receiving your cable instructing me to do so, deposited the $5000.00 cheque to Tomlinson’s credit. The stock is in box and at [unclear] safety Deposit Company’s vaults, together [unclear]. ### I took the box in names of Chas. P. Bruch and Ezra T. Gilliland (No. 2620, Password Jillian”) when you get here will have it put in your name alone. This arrangement secures your money. The only possible loss you can now include—as it seems to me—would be in the event of Tomlinson’s refusal to surrender the two certificates—for the custody of which as collateral you are responsible. I had some hesitation about that, but there was no time to communicate with you, as I overlooked the fact that those certificates were not in my hands until I got the stock from the vaults to show Lippincott, when we were all ready to close the matter, so I went ahead rather than delay it until Monday. ### I wished to be assured of course that the stock had not been disposed of. He mentioned to me that he had made two payments to Edison $125,000.00 each, which was the first information of this that I had been able to obtain, and which I cabled you. ### The Edith is hauled out at Ayers’ yard. Atlantic Yacht Club Basin, So. Brooklyn. Just after I recd. Your letter ordering her laid up your cable came saying you would return. I delayed some days waiting to hear again, as I supposed if you came at once you would wish to use her. Then wired and got your orders to haul out, but again delayed the matter to give the customer a chance to see her and to get your prices. If sold, she would probably have been kept in commission. This is why she has not been laid up sooner. ### The above was dated 9th Octo. Learn, it looks to me as if you will find it very difficult and perhaps impossible to square it with Edison. I have kept away from Orange because I do not care to hear him talk on the subject even if he were so disposed—and because I don’t want him to imagine that I may be hanging around to get points of any kind. In view of my friendly relations with all of them, my position driving the past six weeks has been decidedly awkward and embarrassing. However I shall be able to manage for a few weeks more, I guess. ### I have just received your message instructing me to send letter of credit to Drexel [unclear] Paris—have had the two cheques certified and turned them over to Drexel Morgan and Co.—they will direct Drexel Hayes by tomorrow’s steamer to issue letter of credit to you for $2000.00. ### I am holding a number of personal letters that have been received for you, none of them seem to be of much importance, and your absence will explain your failure to acknowledge them. ### I have informed Johnson’s Gaston’s and the Adrian people that your return has been again postponed. Your brother Jim and George Gaston will come on to meet your steamer when you come. I am awaiting your letter written a week ago, of which you cabled me. It should arrive on Thursday or Friday of this week. I send this to Geneva. If you have left there it will no doubt be forwarded." Yours truly, Chas. P. Bruch.




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