[LM022288], Letter from Charles Patterson Bruch to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, December 31st, 1888



"Your telegram concerning Bank Balance just received and answered. ### The Bank has you credited with $21,975.91. ### The cheque book that I have shows your balance- viz- the difference between deposits and cheques drawn—to be $33425.98. ### To this should be added 50.00 drawn to order of the N.M.W. Co and still on the stub making 58, 425.98 from which should be subtracted notes paid by the Bank, and cheques drawn from your pocket cheque book of which I have no record. ### In accordance with telegraph instructions from Mr. Ward, I saw Mr. Tomlinson (in his pajamas) early this morning: got draft of $15,000.00 from him and sent of $14,000.00 to [unclear] Suisse Zurich. The N.M.C. Co. closes the year with a Bank Balance of $5342.12 [?]. ### The sales this month have amounted to $15,000.00 net. ### By the time you return I hope to have perfected a few changes in the system of accounts, that will not only give the details of the business in better shape, but will lessen the labor on the books to some extent. ### Mr. Maddens system is not entirely adaptable to our requirements, the nature of his business being unlike [unclear] but he has excellent methods for handling his work. ### I see Marsh every-day and if he may be relied upon your house remains upon its foundations. ### The Captain came in today to inquire the price of the ‘Edith” for some one who wants to buy a boat. I told him $5000.00 and asked him to come around again when you return if there seems to be any prospect of making the sale. ### Mr. W.B. Van [unclear] left his card from you. ### Again wishing you all a Happy New Year, I am" Sincerely yours, Chas. P. Bruch








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[LM022288], Letter from Charles Patterson Bruch to Ezra Torrance Gilliland, December 31st, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University