[LM111423], Letter from Arthur Edwin Kennelly to C F MacDonald, June 5th, 1889



I have laid your letter and its enclosure, that of General Richardson before Mr Edison, and he desires me to say that the working of his separator is quite satisfactory, and that --he has spent eight years upon its development and had a great number of devices during that time, he prefers to remain independent of all suggestions. His apparatus the observer will work any kind of ore from the richest to the leanest, has a capacity of 200 tons per [d-----?] extracts the [ferringinous?] portion of which 68% is iron, and with an amount of phosphorus well within the Bessemer limit, while not more than 3% of iron is lost in tailings. A full description of the apparatus appears in the number of the "Iron Age" for December 6th 1888 and also in Nl 2 of the Journal of U.S Association of Charcoal Iron Workers early in the present year. I shall be very pleased to furnish you with any further particulars you may desire.##I think that from a technical point of view I should esteem it a favor if you could secure me the opportunity of being present at Auburn on the occasion of what is to one individual the greatest human penalty, bu which let us hope will be to humanity the signal of a rising civilization.##Mr Edison wishes to be remembered kindly to you, and with best wishes I remain Yours very truly A.E. Kennelly









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[LM111423], Letter from Arthur Edwin Kennelly to C F MacDonald, June 5th, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University