[LM112179], Letter from Arthur Edwin Kennelly to Alexander Muirhead, December 2nd, 1889



Dear Dr. Muirhead I have much pleasure in receiving your letter of the 8th ult, and Mr Edison also handed me yours to him, asking me to reply in the same that he was sorry he had not the pleasure of seeing you in London, but hope to meet you at some future time on our side of the Atlantic.##Concerning the phonographs they are being made here at the rate of 50 a day and have been for several months. There is great difficulty in meeting the demand and the North American Phonograph Co do not sell them but rent them like telephones. Colonel Gouraud is the British agent for them and arrangements are being made for their supply in England through him either for sale or for rental I can hardly tell you which.##[Concerning?] the standard cells those we had from you are still in the full possession of their faculties so we don't take them apart, your proposal however or qualification I should say seems excellent. I enclose a short article by Carhart on the subject of cells in case you should not have seen it. Wyould you kindly return it to me. I should be glad to learn your opinion thereon.##It [seems] quite a long time since I had the pleasure of seeing you but I suppose that you will come over for the Fair. Yours very sincerely A. E. Kennelly








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[LM112179], Letter from Arthur Edwin Kennelly to Alexander Muirhead, December 2nd, 1889

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University