[LM240485], Letter from J Noon to John Ward, March 19th, 1900


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[LM240485], Letter from J Noon to John Ward, March 19th, 1900






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Edison, N.J. March 19th,1900
Mr. Ward
Master Mechanic:
I have examined the steam heating system in Mill #1 and Magnet house under orders March 18th, 1900 and found the thermometer varied greatly on the first floor, and would recommend the increasing of the heating surface, particularly around the feet of elevator #6 and south side of Magnet house.
I also object to the use of bushings in horizontal branch tees. There should be full sized nipples and reduced elbows to the size of the return pipes where used.
The long circulating coil in center of Mill #1 should be carried closer to the angle and lower to get the heat as near the oil pipes as possible. I would also recommend the placing of a circulating coil of proper size in the vicinity of elevator #6 as that is a very cold place, and no heat comes from the overhead coils.
At the coil on the southeast side of conveyor #25, the feed pipe 1-1/2" ought to be changed to 2" pipe-the full size of branch tee.
The pressure regulating valve at boiler #4 ought to hold the pressure steadily. It raised from 12 pounds to 17 while we were examining the system.
At Conveyor #17 and feet of elevator #6 should be a coil of pipe of proper heating capacity to heat that corner.
On the 12 inch Magnet floor, there is a place of return pipe of the 7 pipe coil that is trapped, which ought to be fixed. The main pipe and returns are large enough to do the work required of them. On the floor above there is plenty of heating surface and assisted by the coil on the first floor of Mill #1 and Magnet house, which makes the top floor too warm. In my opinion there is too much heating surface at the top of Mill #1 and magnet house, and not enough on the first floor, where needed.
J. Noon
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