[MBLB2053], Letter from Charles Batchelor to Edward Hibberd Johnson, November 8th, 1879


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[MBLB2053], Letter from Charles Batchelor to Edward Hibberd Johnson, November 8th, 1879

Editor's Notes

Last Friday Barton was here and as Edison was away he `chewed my ear' for about two hours steady. He is looking out for more manufacturing and thinks of starting in FRance to manufacture for the continent. He wanted to know whether I thouth there would be any ojbections on the part of Edison to his manufacturing our tleehone for France. He said he understood that Edison and Johnson were interested in Bergman's shop and possibly it would be useless to try-- I told him he was mistaken in regards to that-- Ediso I knew had no interest and if Johnson had had I though I should know it-- I told him that as we were making them oursleves when Bergman stepped in and gave bonds to do them equally as good and at so much lower a figure that we looked no further-- I told him that I did not believe the W.E. Mfg. Co. could make them cheaper than Bergman as they had so many people to be paid out of them and in the other case there was only one little Dutchman-- B. is taking a boy named Scribner over with him. I think this is the outh that has made a number of improved Carbon telephones and is the originator of the ones that W.E. Mfg. Co. are making anamely a hard carbon disc instead of top platinum plate, the top of the carbon plate is [stoppered?] to allow the platinum [to?] be soldered to it-- It may be that they are going to try and patent this in Eng. or France I surmised this as the cause of his taking over Scribner so I gave him a graphic account of the way you were going for all infringers Blake, Crossley, etc and assured him that anyone taking a new infringement there would have an exceedingly hard road to travel-- He did not say much but I guess he will confine such opeations to the continent. When he comes no doubt he will call on you so be prepared for him about manufacturing. I believe Ediso has cabled you about the pure water in chalks it is very astonishing he si going to give you the whole thing in a long letter-- We have just tested 37 in 1 1/2 housr hows that ?




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