[N206041] Technical Note, April 3rd, 1881


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[N206041] Technical Note, April 3rd, 1881

Editor's Notes

"Copper cylinder revolving in a Sulphate Copper Solution, with a weighted counter within it so that when cylinder revolves counter will stand still, deposit of CU on one side & taken off other" Looks like arrangement for electric meter. This dwg used in Edison vs. Sprague intereference, dated Nov. 17, 1885. {SELECT P. 41 ONLY} P. 43: another self-regulation mechanism for dynamo, using axial magnet, var. resistance, and two field coils, current in one varied fr rheostat. p. 45: we think it's an electromechanical meter, wh counts by advancing a ratcheted wheel; counts swings of lever, pivoted and on each side connected to axial magnets. P.46: arrgt w/ two armatures in series to double voltage, then four multiple arc ckts in two groups of two in parallel; voltage btwn armatures tied to ckt btwn multiple arc ckts. Looks like way to equalize voltage say in four different blocks in a district and to distribute current and save copper costs. p. 47: "Mott for this Auto cutoff" no clue what this does p. 49; bunch of lamp filament dwgs; odd shapes.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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