[N206065], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, August 1st, 1882


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[N206065], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, August 1st, 1882

Editor's Notes

"Lamp Expeirments-" Seems to be experiments for absorbing residual gas in globe. Cites relervant scientific literature. 65: cocoanut charcoal soaked in solution of bichloride platinum. "Zinc Ethyl and Sodium Ethyl mixed instantly absorbs CO." 69: "The residual gas of our lamps is Carbonic acid from the Lungs of the glass blowers" Seems like TAE wants absorb carbon monoxide. p. 79: "Mould up bottons from our little mould of following some hard & some moderately hard Phosphate Lime Magnesia. Alumunia. Silica Ferric oxice gypsum a piece of freshly burned charcoal exposed to air condenses moisture rapidly so in 3 days increases in weight [---]" p. 81: "graham--see Miller physics p 120- states that Soft rubber lets in O & scarcely any N. hence on pump residual after while be Entirely O." This is to understand nature of atmosphere inside evacuated globe. Followed by rough globe sketches; sketches of junction boxes for feeders/mains. Chemical musings resume on p. 91. p. 93: "Might try working sealing in plat wire by our process for freeing air as P takes 1.4 vols of H & retains it up to a red-- Copper takes up .3 to .6 its bulk of H. For Secondary Batter Try red oxide of Hg Lets go its O by slight heat" p. 97: "Make an extradorinarily long seal to get rid of that spark on P plat wire that decomposes the CO." Sketch of this follows. p. 99: sketch labelled "Meter;" a U shaped tube with two electrodes and a mass of material at the bottom of the U. Material is labelled: "Carbon from cocoa, & other compressed substances membranes etc." Below sketch: "Electrical dyalisis transference by dif of EMF." p. 127: back to sketches of distribution system. p. 129 back to chemistry. p. 141 is in a different hand, poss Lawson; p. 147 back to Edison's hand. p. 150: misc sketches. pp. 158-175 appear to be sketches of pump and globe.



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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