[N314183] Technical Note, March 25th, 1886


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[N314183] Technical Note, March 25th, 1886

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p. 183 drawings and descriptions of two lamps, one with center wire and other with wire around filament; p. 185 "The oxidation on surface of a filiment by hot sulphuric acid throws it into all kinds of contortions by relieving the strain of the surface, in experiments on slow carbonization suspend in sand both in tube single filiment, & let it contort as it will, then try one with quick carbonization (drawing); p. 187 "Put several finest fibres together with Licorice with broadened end of Licorice-- Sand both auto regulated preliminary See if Licorice disolves in any of the Hydrocarbons etc. Roll out Licorice hot-- also using oil (drawing); p. 189 "In the auto prelim sand battery put several sets of carbons taking each set out at different degrees weight, carbonize fully & run curves on finished lamps perhaps paper soaked in Licorice calendered Hot stamped filiments can be carbzd by Auto Prelim so perfect as to beat bamboo, then a million cld be carzd at once-- use uncallendered paper so Licorice fill up space perhaps 25/1000 uncallendered can be cut with revovling knife so there is no cavities & perfectly even quality obtained. if impossible do the natural state it could be soaked glue-- Rosin etc makin it hard & then cut down to size";







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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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