[N314233] Technical Note, March 28th, 1886


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[N314233] Technical Note, March 28th, 1886

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p. 233 "Auto preliminary carbztn" drawing and description; p. 235-37 "Important= I think there is not doubt that if a coating of infusible oxide can be put on the carbon filiment, that the oxide will be carried by the static charge and not the carbon= The attempts that have not been successful have been with the uncarbonized filiment. The filiment should be 3/4 carbonized at least if not full carbonized and then coated and the coating go through the preliminary stage the same as if it was a filament. Coat carbonized filimens with syrupy-- Acetate, Chloride, of Aluminum-- Magnesium, Calcium, also Gelatenous Silica, Boracic acid-- If single coating not enough recoat after each preliminary say 500 deg until proper thickness Perhaps if the filiment fully carbonized and suspended in a bath of chloride or acetate of mangesium-- aluminum-- Chloride Calcium etc, and connected with the current and the temperature of the solution kept high the oxide if current is weak will be deposited in coherent state on thefiliment= Note-- get the enamels that used in pottery & mmix infusible oxides with them"; drawing "See if addition of the 500 volts makes any change in the current going to the central wire







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