[N317199], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, April 16th, 1886



[paired entry; see N319127] "Mfr of Silk glue mixed with Bichomate Potash proper proportion & made in cylinder & placed in largerbody of Hydrocarbon solid-- soften & pull out. Afterwards disolved H Carbon-- expose fine filiment of gelatin to light. Bases-- Collodion-- Cupric amonia paper-- gutta percha--Balata-- Rubber disolved in Benqoil or Bisulphide Casrbon into which Rosin & various other Hydrocarbons dissolved until Resultant film Rubr has slight elasticity-- Exterior can be glue-- Licorice-- Molasses Candy-- Fibres not in continuous lenghts be made by working over & over the Candy with Rubber Rosin core & then dissolving what [made?] McQueens man says strong glacial acetic acid exchanges glue to ropy mass drawn out silk thread if so [action] surface with Bichrom [K & ?] Try Gum Chicle"; p. 201 "Seperator of solid matter in milk (drawing) Milk forced through fine hole with great velocity again roughened surface This breaks globule & unbreajkable ones pass down incline quickly"; p. 203 Seperation Cream from Milk Try Graham Dialysis-- use also electricity thro porous diaphms Use porous diaphms various thicknesses & substances & use vacuum underneath use air pressue on one reciprocation to free pores of globules & next reciptn use vacuum to draw water of milk through-- Evaporatein Vcauum-- Freeze the H2O-- Try filling through long tube filled with fine particles usse vacuum to draw-- Centrifugal through porous sustances"







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[N317199], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, April 16th, 1886

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University