[N319169], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, April 17th, 1886


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[N319169], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, April 17th, 1886

Editor's Notes

pp. 169 & 183 are the only dated pages until p. 205 dated 860418 on grasshopper telegraph (see N317225) - p. 169 sketch related to atomic structure? and labeled "Copy"; p. 171 XYZ sketches; p. 173 "XYZ If electricity passing in a wire is given off as heat, Then a wire heated and in being conducted should under proper conditions be turned into E. The application of heat to a wire & letting it conduct to or from a magnetic field ought to give E" sketches on p. 172-73 related (possibly also p. 169); pp. 174-80 XYZ sketches possibly related to this idea; p. 181 drawings "Fundamental Expmt determine accurately the relative EMF with the poles dif distances appart in thousands plot. also substitute magnets with exactly same poles but dif lenghts & make curves-- also run curve of EMF at dif degrees of saturation until poles at various distances Pendulum should only make a single swing"; pp. 182-83 drawings "Fundamental Magtc Expt Magnetic Bridge Copy"; pp. 183-85 drawings prob. related to XYZ see also p. 189; p. 191 (sketches p. 190 possibly related) "The rotation of the earth around the sun cut the lines of force eminating from the sun. This causes one side of the equator to be N & the other P but not current. Now the rotation of the earth on its own axis causes the tendency in one half the earth to be neutralized & increases the other thus a strong current circulates around the earth east to west. This causes a north & south magnetic pole The mutual attraction of the whole equals e[xactly?] the tendency of the earth to leave its orbit" (drawing & drawing text in middle of the above text) "porous cell filled with Sulphate Zinc & Amalgamated Zinc electrode test if there is a current from east & west or north & south 2500 feet apart"; p. 193 "The motion ofthe earth due to the seasons has to be explained The sun must have an orbit then which produces a disturbance or dsiplacement of hte lines of force" (drawings follow till p. 196 also on p. 192); p. 197 "All atoms have a N & S polarity The N of the atom points equatorially not towards the South Earth pole-- gravitation is on mutual electrical attraction of all the atoms The reason of the diference of weight of diferent substances is that each substance has a diferent number of atoms or molecular groups. The atoms of each molecule are closer together being greater in number in each molecule in dif substances The molecules may all be the same distance apart. The Total Attraction is greater for the Earth as the molecules atoms are greater--; p. 199 "All substance we call elements are composed of molecules of diferent atoms all ataoms are primal hence matter is composed primarily of one substance, the primal molecule. Our solar system is a Cosmic Molecule. different molecules say of Iron are composed of as many atoms as there are lines in the spectrum Each atom has a diferent motion inthe molecule, each atom rotates on its axis with inconceivable velocity"; pp. 200-201 drawings molecules and atoms; pp. 202-203 electrical appratus with lines of force



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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