[N319223] Technical Note, April 18th, 1886


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[N319223] Technical Note, April 18th, 1886

Editor's Notes

paired entry??: see N320021] p. 223 "Experiment to determine if heat conducted along a wire is hastened or retarded by the passage of an electric current. The X part is heated bya battery so X becomes white & the supports red. This is conducted along d-- when heat reaches K which is the pole of a good Thermo metal with plat it sets up a Thermo current which is dtectedby H mirror galv (drawings) Device C allows weak current to circulate along whole of d in various directions"p. 225-27 "Fundamental. Theory that gravitation is circulation of an electric current around the earth due to rotation of earth on axis cutting the lines of force thrown outinto space by the sun which is a magent whose poles are parallel with the poles of the earth. The current circulation around the equator which is its greates current & to both poles in lines parallel with the equator thus (drawing) The weight of all matter diminishes ie attraction diminishes until we reach the center of the earth. Matter insulated on the surface of the earth is attracted by static attraction, hence it weight should diminish as we recede from the earth. A pieced of matter which weighs one lb by a spring balance on the sea level should weigh less 5 miles from the earth in a baloon-- Now here is an experiment to determine if the attraction due to any current passing around the earth on a conductor is perceptually greater when allowed to be a part of the earth current or insulated therefrom & oly subject to static attraction" (drawing);



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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