[N320021] Technical Note, April 18th, 1886


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[N320021] Technical Note, April 18th, 1886

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[paired entry???; see N319223] p. 21 drawing "Experiment to determine if heat conducted along a wire is hastened and retarded by electric current to and fro. Part of the wire is kept incandescent until by conduction heat reaches the thermo metal X when mirror gal detects it Conduction time 1st ascertained with c off then with current P & then N from C also vary strength."; p. 23-25 "Fundamental-- "Theory that gravitation is due to the circulation of an electric current around the earth due to the rotation of the earth on its axis cutting the lines of force thrown out into space by the sun which is a magnet whose polar center line is parallel with that of our earth-- The current circulates around the earth parallel with the equatorial belt clear to both poles ie like the lines of latitude The weight of all matter diminishes ie electric attraction diminishes until we reach the center of the earth-- matter insulated from the conducting crust of the earth is attracted by so called static attraction, hence the weight of such matter should diminish as we recede from the earth a point of glass weighed by a spring balance at the sea level should weigh less on the same balance in a baloon 5 miles high. Here is an experiment to determine if matter where the E has a current form is attracted greater than in static form (drawing) Test in New Lab-- comcl availability of Cobalt Nickel & Iron for heat effecting magnetism make a filiment about same as regular loop but straight & 10 inches long 1/2 dia-- wind fine wire around outside primary & secondary-- Then heat fil with current bal in side of bridge the wire & use another tube same amount of wire on same size tube so as to get same self induction-- Now when Iron white [hot?] then gradually lower temp by res in current & take throw of gal each time-- afterwards put Iron one side Nickel other & get curves--



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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