[N321100], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, May 17th, 1886


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[N321100], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, May 17th, 1886

Editor's Notes

dated entry begins p. 100 but may begin p. 97 "Notes-- Comet dilatate as they recede & contract as they approach the sun p 102 Vol 6 Astron Society-- Herschel Tail of Comets always point away from Sun-- in sun spot period corona extends great distance from sun Spectroscope shows its gas-- non sun slight corona & shown in Spectroscope that light comes from solid-- color white which extended corona pink-" p. 99 "my theory is that electric arc occur on surface Equatorial part sun reduces EMF on parts & give great dif EMF where arcs are, & lines of force from sun attracts arc out into space, as magnet attracts arc of arc light, one picture shows several corona streams knife shaped, These are matter from arcs attracted out by lines of force--"; p. 100 "Apply magnet also coil also current to increase sensitiveness to Astronomical observations (drawing) Hydro[matic?] see if specific [grow increasing?]" drawings follow on pp. 101-103 probably related; sketches and calcs through p. 145 may be related. P. 167 (undated) resumes TAE speculation about electric properties of Sun. P. 261: list of arguments against "alternate current system"



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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