[NB002020], Technical Note, Arthur Coyle Payne, June 1st, 1887



[preceded by an introductory note, this set of notes probably entered at a later date but given date of experiment] "Tube Experiments:-- In the following experiment is the object to preliminiarize bamboo filaments under pressure in various chemicals & compounds All tubes will be arranged & run alike-- any variation will be stated. They are to be arranged as follows:-- In glass tube, 1 3/8" in diam. & about 10" in length sealed at one end is inserted 20 reg. 16 C.P. bamboo filaments in forms, with weights so they will contract in regular way, also forms so cut as to allow free circulation of the substance in which they are immersed. The open end of the tube is then drawn down to a narrow neck & various substances inserted in sufficient quantity to completely cover the forms. The neck is then sealed up & the tube is completely airtight. The tube is then placed at angle of 30 [degrees] in hot air chambre of furnace so that heat may be applied uniformly to all parts of the tube. The substance in each tube also manner of raising temperature & c will be given in notes on the respective tubes. after sufficient application of heat they are allowed to cool slowly, then opened. Carbons taken out & washed in the solvent of the substance contained in tube. Then put in separate carbon forms marked with an order number & sent to Carbonizing Dept. for final process after which they are sent through to be put in lamps & tested as per order to test room. Several tubes have been run previously by Hamilton & sent through with order numbers for particulars of which see Hamiltons notes. Tubes run by Payne will be marked T. No. 1. T No. 2 & c as order numbers. [follows are notes on tube dated 6/1/87 T #1 "Tube of Asphalt & Linseed Oil"]








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[NB002020], Technical Note, Arthur Coyle Payne, June 1st, 1887

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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