[NM020AAV], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, July 7th, 1886


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[NM020AAV], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, July 7th, 1886

Editor's Notes

Drawing "Dyer for patent Process patent Soak patent which we can divide into other patents when necessary The object of this invention is to supress the Mercury Vapor in the Lamp and to get rid of the vapor of Water. N is the ordinary Mercury pump f is a tube filled with clean lumps of Antimony or Bismuth. E is filled with crystals of Iodine; d & c are filled with Antimony or Bismuth. A is a chamber containing an iron spiral wich can be brought to red heat by the current regulated by a Rheostat X is the Lamp to be exhausted B is a tube containing phosphoric anhydride or other absorber of water vapor k is a Lamp provided with a chimney CC which surrounds & serves to heat the Lamp while exhausting XXX is an Electro Magnet which is energized when the filiment is first heated highly The attraction between the current in the filiment & the lines of force of the magnet serving to pull or attract the filiment downwards & to a central point thus keeping it straight The filiment being once set at high incandescence will not afterwards change-- The Lamp heating the bulb causes all the gases & water vapor to be thrown off the surface of the glass & is absorbed by the phos anhydride or decomposed by the heated iron spiral leaving Hydrogen which it its great mobility is soon taken out by the pump The mercury vapor cannot pass to the Lamp as it combines with the Iodine to make a sealed Iodnie vapor cannot passes to the pump or Lamp as it combines with the Antimony or Bismuth to form solid Iodides of these metals. Instead of the iron spiral other metals may be used that decompose water at a high temperature & alloys-- Instead of heating with the current powdered metal can be placed in a tube connected with the vacuum & brought to a red heat by outside heat as a flame tec. The magnet for straightening should be arranged thus (drawings) Instead of having the spiral in the pump each lamp may be provided with an iron wire connected across the clamp & smaller than the carbon filiment as the iron wire is brought to a white heat with a Electromotive force less than will heat the filiment the wire when the vacuum is obtained is brought to incandescence aftewards the wire is melted & by means of a magnet drawn out of the way see fig 4 (drawing) heating metal from outside flame instead of spiral & current (drawing) fig 4 a is the iron wire b the regular filiment of carbon




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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