[NM020ABB], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, August 10th, 1886


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[NM020ABB], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, August 10th, 1886

Editor's Notes

Drawing "Dyer-- Patent= B is a large unglazed porcelain combustion tube passing across the hottest part of the furnace C in this tube are the forms containing the fibre or filiment of bamboo or other materal not yet carbonized. The moulds keep the filimants under strain & pressure. The combustion tube is closed & heated at both endsd P is a thermormeter to shew the temperature of the exit gases N is a tube with fine bore on end to allow gases to pass out. K is a two way tube one connected to a Hydrocarbon fixed gas or vapor The other with Chlorine-- both gases or vapors are dried by drying agents to take up the water vapor before entering the tube. The object of the chlorine is to cause the Hydrocarbon gas or vapor to decompose at a low temperature The chlorine having an affinity for the Hydrogen of the Hydrocarbon although the use of chlorine is not absolutely necessary it is better to use it or any other gas which has an affinity for Hydrogen such as Bromine, as Carbon will be deposited in an early stage of the Carbonization-- The gases are passed through slowly the free the tube of air & water vapor, the furnace is started at a gentle heat which gradually increases The gases passing slowly through during the process' more chlorine then Hydrocarbon should be passed say three of chlorine to one of Hydrocarbon; and the heat is continual up to the highest heat obtainable by a blower The fires are then drawn & the tube is below 400 degrees fahr when it is taken out the forms removed and the tube filled with fresh forms of course several tubes can be put in the same furnace. It is not essential that a Hydrocarbon gas should be used as Bisulphide of Carbon can be used alone; without chlorine; Seely note= There have been laboratory expmts in analysis where flax leaves sticks etc have been put in a combustion tube & carbonized carbon being deposited thereon. So you will have to make the claims in the light of this= I put in a definite article & shew means for accmomplishing the result.



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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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