[NM023047], Technical Note, Arthur Edwin Kennelly, Frederick Peterson, December 4th, 1888


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[NM023047], Technical Note, Arthur Edwin Kennelly, Frederick Peterson, December 4th, 1888

Editor's Notes

Physiological Experiments - descripition of experiments before Medico-Legal Society at the lab - Perhaps use without voltmeter readings at top##The Board appointed by the Medico-Legal society arrived about 5 oclock. Dr. Doremus, Professor Doremus, Mr. Gherry, dr. Peterson, Dr. Ingram and Mr. Brown being among the number. Two electrodes of metal covered with sponge were supplied by Dr. Peterson. Connecting wires were soldered to these.##The animals provided for the occasion were a horse (photographed) weighting [space left for weight] and 2 calves weighing respectively 124 1/2 and 145 lbs.##Tried the first calf with the converter sent from N.Y., the courase wire circuit being on the machine and the fine wire on the animal. The P.D. at the moment of making contact was indicated by 90 [degrees] with 10 lamps of 2300 each and the whole board of 4200 in cct. 6500 in cct = 112 - 11.2 = 100.8 x 6500 +680/680 - 101 x 7180/680 = 1070 say 1100.##Immediately after breaking the circuit the P.D. was 84 [degrees] = 106 - 10.6 = 96 x 106 = 1015 say 1000.##During the contact which lasted for 30 seconds the deflection fell to about 2 [degrees] which would mean perhaps 10 volts x 10.6 = say 100.##The animals fell uninjured.##Finding that the converter failed to sustain the E.M.F., used the current from the machine direct.##The voltage before making contact was 110 [degrees] = 132 - 13 = 119 x 7 = 833##During contact the mean deflection was 100 [degrees] = 122 - 12 = 110 x 7 = 770##The contact lasted 8 seconds. Breathing ceased in 1 1/2 mins.##The resistance between the electrodes before death was 3200 approx.##Second calf weighting 145 lbs. Res between electrodes 1300. Direct action of the machine as before alternating 200 times per sec. The voltages were 110 [degrees] before contact = 833 and 98 [degrees] during contact = 750. Contact lasted for 5 seconds. Breathing ceased in 1 1/2 mins.##Horse, thrown, and its four feet tied together. Tried converters to attain high momentary voltage but not successful unable to measure voltage used lamps. With lamps from converter = about 1000 volts gave momentary current the voltage falling immediately. Horse uninjured. Resorted to machine current with 7 lamps not quite up to brilliance say 600 volts. Contact made for 15 seconds. Horse subsequently struggled but not fatally injured. Renewed contact at full brilliancy of 7 lamps for 25 seconds. Respiration then very shortly ceased.##The contact on the calves were made on the forehead and by the side of the spiral column just behind the vertical on the fore leg. The electrodes were soaked in meter solution and the hair was clipped. With the second calf cotton waste well soaked was added as a padding. In the case of the horse the electrodes consisted of bandages of soaked waste parallel with bare wire on the fore legs above the knee. [see newspaper accounts]



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