[NM023155], Technical Note, Arthur Edwin Kennelly, July 17th, 1889


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[NM023155], Technical Note, Arthur Edwin Kennelly, July 17th, 1889

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Physiological Experiments. Took the following measurements of the resistance of different persons in the Laboratory under the following conditions. Two bichomate battery jars were nearly filled with a solution of ZnSO4 solution was 1:120 [Ditto marks representing: The density of the] KHO [ditto: solution was] 1:10 The hands after being washed were immersed pointing vertically downward into these jars until the lips of the fingers rested on the bottoms. The surface of the liquid then reached about as far as the pulse of the wrists. The measurement was first made in ZnSO4 and then in the KHO with the hand washed between the tests. The Whestasone's bridge and deadbeat galvanometer on the first table were used, with 4 Fuller cells 1000/1000 and [im?]: f: z: observations. The results are thus independent practically speaking of polarization. The resistances were observed after about 30 seconds immersion but continued to reduce beyond that point. [Table follows with each entry given a number 1-39 and includied columns for Name, Age, Height, Weight lbs, Resistance ZNSOr and KHO, Difference, then three different columns with calculations used only on July 17 but not in later July 19 tests [NM023156] with a new list of 220 men and a summary of results. Another set of related experiments took place on July 20 [NM023161] but without specific individuals named.







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