[NP021D], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, October 3rd, 1886



"With the new clamp John Ott is makin use platinum foil around carbon & shove into a springy socket of platinum Get some apple wood also Boxwood cut fibres [drawings] stamp out in die plat wire then in another die make it square thus [drawings] get some electrotypers plumbago put some filiments in-- also put some in bottom cup put fibre in & then with plunger press it hard then add more plumbago take fibre press & so on-- Make mould of Dextrin & plumbago press-- See if Lamp Co got the dies for forms plumbago a reg carbon mould-- Draw Manilla through die after it has been soaked in following Sugar Caramel, Licorice starch tragacanth Linseed Mucillage Gum Arabic Rosin. dry the fibre then with hot die, also through hot oil to soften binding material draw down very hard dry & carbonize Try all the fibres this way-- Also bamboo Cabonize dozen filiment angle of 20 also angle 45 Soak No 20 Carbonize fully & resoak & recarbonize Write our man in Fla sending sample to dig & send bbl roots also 2 whole banana stalks green-- Get some white lacquer & lacquer spark gauges with Alumina wire see if it changes also doz lamps-- Try Copal pass current through a reg carbon in air under Microscope at dull red & notice oxidation Put bamboo in small bulb with ligh capillieary tip get vacuum heat it slightly then break under sugar water & while full seal & heat for 1/2 hour so as to get increased pressure Put bamboo in sealed tube with sugar & heat to 180 to 220 for 1/2 hour Boil 12 Carbons in No 20 solution all day Try Manilla for wetting use aniline & sugar soak in hot tragacanth for 1/2 day Manilla then take out & draw it round through split die of Keller dry in drying oven then cut in lengths & carbonize in anthracite also put bamboo in Liquid Sugar in Vac with U tube of Chl Cal to take up water color with aniline








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[NP021D], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, October 3rd, 1886

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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