[NP033D], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, April 3rd, 1889


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[NP033D], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, April 3rd, 1889

Editor's Notes

Black compound infusible Action Sodium on Alcohl disolved in Chloroform See Methylulmic Acid##Conc Sol acid Carbzs sugars but acts on Dextrose to form without blocing Sulph acid##Chlorine acts on cane sugar to form blockcompounds##See Carbon 3rd Sup Watts--Carbon Hydrate from which cast iron nitric makes Brown stuff Sal Al NH & H2O-- also a form of Brown stuff by action acid oxidizes in Graphite, Ticonderoga less ash than others##Various forms of Carbon when oxidized in wet way yield oxides of Carbon black solids Try anthracite [powdered?] & hot nitiric See Carbon oxides Pt [2?] 3rd Sup Try oxidyzing Lampblack with Nitric acid hot.##Phosphorous disolved in Bisulphide Carbon acts as reducing agent.##Carboj Sesquisulphide C2S3 decomposes its elements at 200 C.##Hydrogen-Carbosesquisulphide red solid sub melts at 100C & deomposes a litle higher.##Watts Sup Vol. VI p. 410-- See very imporant reaction abot C4S under Hydrogen Carosesquisulphide Vol VI##Treat Carbonite Sul Acid also phosphoric Anhydride also chloride Zinc to dehydrate if H2O is there.##Treat with pentchloride phosphorous, with caustic hot Potash to take out any HO.##Boil Linseed oil down to Rubber like & black then use Nitric acid--##Act on Syrian by sul acid--##Oxidize Syrian by peroxide lead hot d[itt]o permanganate soda d[itt]o peroxide Manganese d[itt]o Oxide Copper d[itt[o [ditto] Iron d[itt]o [ditto] Mercury d[itt]o [ditto] Chromic Anhydride also in solution perhaps resulting compound be diff from [NO3I] disolve out Inorganic Materials also Chlorate & HCl I think it is also Iodine also Sulphur also Sulphuric then Nitric Acid##I thin Sulphur disolved in Benzine [Turp] or Petroleum will reduce the O in Carbonate. Watts Dic says Brimstone is soluable in above solvents hence by heat it could be made to reduce O to S)2 & then whole washed out by more solvent & gasoline--##Disolve Sulphur in Turpentine o0r Petroleum also Syrian & heat to Dehydrogenize##tell Aylsworth abt amorphous sulphur from preciptg a Hydrosulphite by HCl-- Watts on Sulphur Reg Vol [note that thte pages preceding this have notes from Watts and notes for Wurtz and Joe Force to make compounds]



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