[NS89ACU], Technical Note, Jonas Walter Aylsworth, July 1889


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[NS89ACU], Technical Note, Jonas Walter Aylsworth, July 1889

Editor's Notes

[may be related to beginning of Silver Lake production]: Report of Work From July 2nd to 12th 1889##July 2nd & 3rd worked on corresponding cylinder. Tried different compounds of wax for first dip of which none were better than paraffin whose melting point had been raised by stearate of soda so that it could be dipped in very hot regular wax making a thin coating of wax on outside##A mixture of regular wasx 100 cerasin 30 dipped at 300[degree sign] made a thin shell cylinder which stands knocking around in the box better than the above and better than the thread lined with gum balata. These will cost about 8[cent sign] per dozen to manufacture.##July 7 & 8th made 150 thread lined cylinders with gm bolata for South America only 40 percent good ones can be got by this process, and they are expensive to make.##July 9-10. Made some CP special wax for musical records for Dr. Schultz Berge, and made 30 cylinders from the same##uly 11. Tested the copper jacketed kettle and found that with 80 lb pressure in boiler we can get a temperature of 315[degree sign] in wax The kettle must be [lined with: overstruck] tinned or silvered as the wax unites with oxice of copper on the sides of the kettle and at 320 it reduces black oxide of copper on side of kettle.##Report of Thread lined cylinder##[[list:] July 7th molded 526 July 8th [dito] 400 [ditto] 9th [ditto] 502 [ditto] 10th [ditto] 600 [ditto] 11th [ditto] 542##July 3rd we shut down so as to have our dipping shells ground a little smaller as the cylinders were fitting too far up on mandrill##July 10th is the only good days works we have had, all the other days something was wrong either we had to use one of the boys on some of the work or we could not get wax from phono works or were bothered by workmen fitting steam pipes in cooling box. [check account records re Gilbert & Barker]##July 10th we lost 3 hrs. in morning in melting up wax.##July 9th we got 502 and did not commence to dip untill noon.##At Silver lake we have 5000 lb of wax ahead of demand.##After we have worked up all the old wax at silver lake in the still we can recover all return waste by the new process without still at 1st lb.



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