[PT032AAF1], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, July 2nd, 1887


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Dyer-- Patent The object of this invention is to keep metals at a red heat or other temperature by an electric current while being acted upon by hammer; unches dies & rolls & various other machines for working metals. The invention consists in the employment of regulatable Dynamo Electric machines giving currents of directly or indirectly by the use of a tension reducer to heat the metal to the desired temperature which is to be acted upon ; also in the use of clamping terminals of metals of high electrical conductivity, & the ciculating of air or water through the same when necessary to keep the same from reaching too high a temperature. The various details for applying the invention to specific operations in the mechanic arts will be the subject of other applications it will only be necessary to show a single application to illustrate the invention [drawing] C are rolls for sheet iron several sheets being together. B is the sheet iron A the clamp-- d e the conductors from the Dynamo-- R the regulating Res to regulate the temperature of B. As B gets shorter less and less current will be required which is regulated at R. or by the variation in the speed of the Engine or it may be automatically regulated. B after passing towards the rolls until the clamps nearly touch is stoppped by the stopping of the rolls one of which is lifted & B pulled back and the operation gone over again until the right thickness is obtained it is obvious from this illustration that [bolts?] or rods can be kept at a red heat while being operated upon that the area around a hole in a Boiler plate an be kept at a welding heat to permit of rivits being welded etc--"







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[PT032AAF1], Technical Note, Thomas Alva Edison, July 2nd, 1887

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


July 2, 1887