[PT032AAT], Patent Application, Thomas Alva Edison, February 10th, 1889


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[PT032AAT], Patent Application, Thomas Alva Edison, February 10th, 1889

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Dyer & Seeley <Have you an application in progress for a Street Car Truck also on a Rock drill if not ask me about it E> The object of this invention is to produce an economical simple a practical system of distributing Electricity to street Railway Cars without too great a loss of leakage and without the use of Conduits, with travelling Contacts which are expensive or without the use of overhead Conductors & Trolleys which are now allowable in large cities The invention consists in distributing from cutting the tracks up in sections of say 250 feet each and Causing the entrance of a Car & motor on the section to automatically cause a magnet to close a circuit increasing the current from a weak one to its full strength and when the car passes out of that particular section the automatic device disconnects the main circuit from such section leaving still a circuit for the magnet thus The loss due to leakage is reduced to a mere fraction when the section is not occupied by a car or cars##A multiple arc circuit passes along the street paralell with the track & buried underneath the pavement at any convenient point between the track and the pavemen sidewalk TA small box sunk to the level of the street preferably at the intersection of two streets contain the Automic circuit closer. This box has the usual double cover to keep the interior free of Moisture & to allow of inspection.##A multiple arc circuit runs parallell with the track say one mile the Dynamos being in the Centre. There may be as many such Dynamo Centers as there are miles of track. Or these mile Centers of Energy may be worked by means of Motor generator transformers from one general station as set forth in a previous applications— In practice a central conducting rail may be necessary the two Traffic rails and th used as one pople & the Central Rail for the other but this is not necessary if in the construction of the track the traffic rails are not metallically connected together. The manner of connecting the rails one with the other is to use Copper or even iron strips and in the rail & electrically weld them to the rails.##Claim the Aut## " " in junction boxes## " Electric welding## " General system so only sections having cars on are connected to system. Use of car motor con to ct. to close ckt of Auto The details. The Earth E
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