[X001M3290], Letter from Wilson Stout Howell to John White Howell, April 7th, 1889


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[X001M3290], Letter from Wilson Stout Howell to John White Howell, April 7th, 1889

Editor's Notes

My Dear John, Your letter of 4th arrived today. The bill for the safe came yesterday. I am in a fix for money, as usual and must scratch to pay my way to Des Moines [xxx] and carfares home. ## This Co. owes me about $300 and expenses of home trip. Mr. Finn left here with out giving the cashier any signed cheques. He is laid up at German Town Pa., with a sprained ankle. The cashier has no knowledge of my a/c. I have written to Mr Finn to send the cashier an order to pay me, and expect that order any day. When the order comes he may be able to give me $100 or so from the cash collections with that sum and what money Emma has I caught home, but I must leave the bill for the safe till I get a settlement full. ## If Finn had not sprained his ankle he would have completed his business and have been back to settle up with me. I spent yesterday afternoon at Minneapolis Andrews showed me the station they have three [xxx] safety engines out, and two pairs of $20 dynamos ready to be and connect up. Boilers set and strain piping in have but as yet they have no franchise for wires either overhead or underground. They had a franchise but were stopped because it was not legally made out. The Co. refuses to bribe the council and the council are trying to force to Co. to go into a Dorsett conduit not yet laid. All great much time is wasted and a mess made of affairs in general. ## I can hear nothing definite concerning the next move the St. Paul Co. If they don't do something before next winter they will be in a hole and get so badly left that the Westinghouse system (operated by Gas Co.) will wipe them out. This is in need of wise council and should go to the parent company but they are so opposed to both Johnson + Vail that they do not like to talk to them. both the president (Cruger) the manager (Fison) have been shabbily treated by the office and are adverse to dealing with them. I have talked and advised that they consult with Vail and Finn promised that he would get Crozer to go to N.Y. with him for that purpose but the sprained ankle has delayed the matter I believe. I am sick of inaction and have refused to stay here longer. I hope something will be done to set matters straight in the N.Y. Office P.D.S. I am glad that Martin A. has decided not to make a "holy show" of his past record and [xxx] his peculiarities before the world. With love to your wife, Affectionately Wilson S. Howell





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