[X018A701], Letter from Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison to Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller, August 11th, 1889


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[X018A701], Letter from Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison to Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller, August 11th, 1889

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[CEF Originals.] My dearest Mamma + All ## We are just about in sight of land which we will see at five o'clock. I am not at all sorry although we have had a very pleasant voyage. Only one day did I feel any ill from sea and that was where we started. It is just as rough today but I have become more of a sailer. Mr. Edison has been perfectly well all the time and enjoys it. I think however he too will be glad to place his foot on solid earth again. After seeing land we shall have tonight to travel yet reaching Havre about eleven o'clock tomorrow. Iam hoping, yet learning that the firls will be there to meet us. I shall be so delighted to see them. I hope I shall not have cold water thrown all over me by their formal manner. I shall feel my way a little at first and not show too much my inward feelings. The girls have probably aquired some French formalities that I shall not be aware of. I shall have them give me some lessons. ## There are no little babies amoung the just class passengers so I console myself by going before where I can see [xxx] class passengers children. My darling baby is hardly absent from my mind. Her papa and Mamma miss her very much. Where the [xxx]sherries on her, Mamma, you may tell her the same seen her papa + Mamma saw a few hours before and sent all the lore and leisers it could hold which will be given to her because of the seen [xxx]. How glad I shall be to have her in my arms again. I use her photographs as book marks. ## There are not so very many ameriacns on board but of the fear that are there are some very pleasant people. Mr. + Mrs. Colgate are on board but I have not met Mr. Williamson of whom Jennis will know about. There is a gentleman aboard while I imagine is he but he seems to be under a different nannie. He seems very [xxx] to a young lady with whome he is apparantly just flirting. I have not a very high opinion of him but I may misjudge him. ## I will write again after arriving in Paris and hope that I shall have a better soon from home. This all for me and my baby kiss over + new again. He could see Papa + the boys perfectly and I matched them until I could not distingish any faces. It is a [xxx] sight to see what pier full of people all naming advise people going at our this leave always seem so happy. No leaves but all for pleasure. Service is excellent and the ship is kept so perfectly clear. But how glad I shall be to get one land and to hears a word from those where I so clearly here. I thank you for the telegram seat. It gave me great cheer. I also hope [xxx] and the boys arrived safely home and that they feel repaid for coming our. I have some of the first yet what dear Papa first in our stateroom. IT has lasted very grand. I have so many times misheard that Papa was next us. I wish he had consented to come and bring the boys. Well good bye for this time. Love to all. Your loving daughter Mina Our address will be Drexel, Hayes + Co. Barkus Paris
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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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