[X018A702], Letter from Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison to Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller, August 12th, 1889


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[X018A702], Letter from Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison to Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller, August 12th, 1889

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[CEF Originals}. My dear Mamma, We have at last arrived in Paris where the girls, Mary + Grace, met us. Also a whole host of men so we really could not tell what to do. One this way and one that I did not enjoy it very much. We are very nicely situated here, in the Hotel due Rhine as you will see form the heading. The apartments are very nice indeed and Marrion and the girls are with us in the same suite of rooms. Poor Mr. Edison has not had a moment that he could call his own since our arrival but he seems to enjoy it all very much. ## I hardly think he will want to leave when the time comes for us to go. I was not feeling very well very well yesterday and so did not go but and today the girls & I am going to do a little running about while Mr. Edison is taken to the exposition by his numerous friends. I am really tired of having so many men claim him but we are going to assert our rights rights tomorrow. He is going with us to the Exposition but to tell the truth Mamma. I don't think he will remain with us long. Marrion came from England last night and has been writing letters all morning. When I opened my trunk yesterday I discovered to my dismay that my Cologne bottle had been broken and the Cologne had simply ruined my hats so this morning the first thing I had to see about others. Fortunately my dresses escaped. Mame and Grace are charming they seems just the same servent girls but a little more independent. Both are very well and perfectly happy. Grace was homesick where she saw baby's last pictures and thought of your having her almost all to yourself there at home. She seems quite satisfied to go home in Sept. as I think she entertains hopes of coming over again sometime. Mame wants to see Italy very much so may remain longer than we do. She is perfectly well now and looks so pretty. I have not seen Grace yet this morning as she went out early. ## I am wondering this morning how baby is, little darling. A reporter made a most humble supllication for baby's picture yesterday as I did not care to give it to him. He almost got unto his knees before me. I think he is three quarters crazy any way. He says he knows twelve languages so there is no surprise at his actions. I have several letters to answer or write so I must not take too much time for one, the girls will be in soon and there I must go. Mr. Edison and I have practiced French customs so much at home with the exception of harring our coffee that it comes quite natural to use. We breakfasted at eleven this morning and had five or six call before we were up. ## Kiss babe over and over for me and tell her, her Mamma longs to see her. With a greate deal of love to your, Mamma dear, and all from all. I am your loving daughter, Mama. [PS] I am going to write to Papa very soon. I shall write my next letter to him. I am going to write to Papa very soon. I shall write very soon letter to him.
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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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