[X018C9AA], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, May 16th, 1886


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[X018C9AA], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, May 16th, 1886

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13-6753. [8 pgs hard to read] Writes from Hubbardston, Mass. "N.B. Don't let Mr. E. read this. Please. My dear Mina, It does seem a very long time since I have heard or seen you [Your?] times must have been very busily occupied down in Florida to not to have had time to write to your [illeg] sister Mary up in Boston. But as it was the honeymoon I suppose I must forgive you I hope however that it will not be the end of your honeymoon although I want to hear from you very very often. ## Tell Thomas (?) that I don't know but what he was calling you the worst names on earth [so? -------] he would mistake for me I took the sentence to the manner of [Hubbardston] but she was in as much doubt as I was as to whether he mere swearing or saying the sweetest words imaginable. Tell him je voudrais bien le voir. [Can't translate literally but sense is probably like 'I would like to see him better'] ## Isn't this a dull place Mina? I never hear a sound except when I am at Miss Cutler's or make it myself. Miss Cutler is realy jolly I like her ever so much. I should go frantic if it were not for her. ## You are ever so kind to want me to come and see you. You don't know what disgrace I shall be in by that time Mina and if I am you will not want to see me-- Miss Cutler does not encourage me in the least but rather dissuades me telling me to go to Europe this summer till next October or November then come h ome and I can enter Wellesley easily the next year. You can't imagine how miserable I feel that I am wasting so much of Papa's money. I write home to see what they think and have them tell me what to do but all in vain they let me do as I please and I am not equal to deciding. [---] I am very anxious to see you and your lovely home and all the [connections?] my niece and little nephews So I will c ome to see you for a few days before I go home if you still want me when the times comes. The examinations take place at Wellesley the 17 and 18 so I will be to see you soon after that. ## Have you had a great many callers? And is it very fashionable or is it something like you lived before you were Mrs. Edison? Tell me all about Dot and the little boys do they like you? I am anxious to see them all but they won't like me at all children never do. Is it Mr. Edison's own mother that is living or his first wife's mother. You see as I have not been [-----] at all I know very little about your relatives. The children and the grandmother are all living with you I suppose. ## When I was in New York the last of March it was a great trial to me to keep away from you home I longed so, so often to have you in it that I might go out there and see you all but now I have that great pleasure to anticipate and I know I shall have a nice time. ## I was in Boston yesterday to have my dresses tried on for the last time (one of them is very pretty too). I made arrangements to meet Miss [R---] and take dinner together at [-------]. We had a nice dinner and then she took me to see [Tommaso] Salvini and [Edwin] Booth in Othello. We had not expected to go, so had to stand up but we had very good places to stand directly in front of the stage. Salvini did splendidly but Booth seemed very cool and as though he did not care much to please. I am very glad I got to see them play together I had been anticipating it all winter and when I came away though I must give it up but went in to Boston just in the nick of time. ## When do you think you will come down this way or aren't you coming. I wish you could come and stay over Sunday with me but perhaps Thomas might object. Do you know if Jennie is coming on? She told me in a letter that she was but that was the end of it she has not mentioned it since. ## What do you think of my taking a Wellesley graduate next year and go to Italy where I can study drawing and etc while she is tutoring me for college the next year. I think it is quite a scheme. I have not said anything to the folks at home. I have been so much expense to them but they don't seem to plan for me so I don't know what to do. ## Now Mina forgive me if this letter has been egotistical but I am almost mad on the topic of myself. I wish I could forget myself but I can't the disgraceful Mary Miller [comes?] up before me all the time so I can hardly do any thing but write of myself. ## Miss Cutler and all your friends here send their love to you and it is needless to say that my hears is overflowing with love for you and yours. Mr. E. can have what flows over and you what's in the heart there is a hogshead full every day that flows over so he don’t need to feel jealous. With love to all I am your loving sister Mary. [P.S.] Thanks for the leaves. How long did it take you to learn to spell Llewellyn. [P.P.S.] If you show Mr. E. all your letters I'll not write very much."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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