[X018C9AG], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, January 13th, 1888


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[X018C9AG], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, January 13th, 1888

Editor's Notes

13-6762. [MY darling sister, your lovely letter shall not remian unanswered very lomg I can tell you how much I enjoyed, Today I read a letter from Mamma?, she says she has a cold still or caught another I am afraid she does not look good care if herself and worries me very much.# I ought to be studying Bevenchy but I am so sick and tired of the old book that I should -- throw it in the canal at home and never see another# I thought I had best finish Georcce try as left this letter with a very heavy heart. -- I am so tired of being away from every body I love and working so hard over books- They are great many as you can --- whether you are going to fail or not# The giirls thought since of going "bobing" this afternoon but it seems to be raining so I guess we wont go . You remember the girls fastened the big bobs on the back of the barge and are pulled along to the village. I tired it once when I was at Miss Smiths but have not tried it this year. It is very undignified. #Mina you remember how I was wondering how I could ask Mlle. Constance to take Grace and I to Europe? # Well the difficultly is so --- she told told me the other day she wanted to Chaperone two girls to Europe and asked me of we not want to go-( not into those words but something like ) I did not have a long talk with her as I ahd to go to church and after church Miss Tuttle sent me on an errand so I had to leave Mlle. Much to my sorrow. I want to go to Europe so very very much and hope Papa will let me go. It will be lovely to go with her as my chaperone. We can study or travel just when Papa thinks best--- speaks French all the time. Anyway I write to Mamma about it last Sunday but said nothing about it. I was so in hopes she would. I guess I will write to Papa and ask directly.# I am glad you have come to the conclusion to get ehat need and not wait until you are worn out. I am sure Thomas likes to see you in nice dresses etc. and is willing to pay for all you need. Then you don’t be afraid and do what is right. Miss Lee is making Mammas muffler? -- again which is fixing it right and is going to make the cords of lavendar and black. I thinkthat will be preetier than just the black cords don’t you.# Am sorry to hear of Dr. Chadwicks iillness and hope he will be well so soon. You must have him for your doctor so I trust he will be well before your need him.# I was rather sorry I made you go to the German Opera for I fear after that ---that you were noy enjoying it but if you did I am very glad we went for I enjoyed it very much indeed and the concert. Well I cant through thinking about it. I seems so very strong and wonderful . He gives concerts here ( Boston) Monday afternoons and I would love to hear him again but am not sure when I will am I will go in or not perhaps once is enough.# Next week is one of those braceting ?/ weeks like those we used to go through at the house in the end of the times? . Can you imagine what it is? Well don’t tell anybody for I anm very nervous concerning it and you probabally hear of my death in a very short time. If not dead in body then dead in spirit. But I hope for the best. I have worked as hard as ai could and if I am dommed to faiilure I don’t see how I can help it very much. # A week from next week Saturday Helen wants Marion and I -- go to Marblehead and spend the Sunday I am not sure whether I shall go or not . I would have to give a German recitation and my first object her is to study and learn. It is an awfully tiresome object with very little pleasure thrown in ul- there. # Mr. Marvin has sent me a new fountain pen . It is a very nice one but I guess a little to stiff for me for sometimes it does write very well . It was very kind of him to send me a new one. Don’t you agree? I jave become so used used to using my other pen that I have to press very hardwith this one to make it write that accounts for the blot lines of my letter.# do you go down to the laboratory as much as ever. I suppose there is still a great attraction that way even thougth you have no mother or sister to go with you. I wonder why it is you always like to go down there so much . I am sure there is no one very nice there but Thomas. Let me know how his machine proceeds. I am very much interested in it and all those other things going on there.# And tell me Mina about yourself how you feel and whether you take good care of yourself perhaps if you have to report you will take good care of yourself as you ought to do. # I am glad you are going to help your poor folks around there. I have old dress here that I know is I am very tired of but I doubt whether Marmma would think I ought to give it away or not so I guessI will keep it till I go home then she can tell me what to do with it. Likely have it fixed up and wear it again. # My New York papers are the bother of my life. I don’t get time to read them as I would like and usually not at all so they each day lie on my table , cover torn off but that is all. You probabaly read of the great accident on the Boston and Maine near Bradford. It was dreadful! Am glad Marion was not the train as she not as the break was beyond Bradford I believe. It other frighened me at first! # Sent a French Grammar to Grace today. She will soon be up with me in French and really I think she knows more about it than I do. She has learned it very rapidly seem to me Grace is a lovely girl I wish I was more like her. She is gentle and lovely- ( some thing like you Mina) . I am so cold oh well I must fight against that. # Mina you think you are young or dear me I wish I had that feeling, I feel as old as Methusale(?) I mean that man that lived and died before the flood. We grow old fast enough try hard ast? Wr ? Way to keep I look at the Seniors and think they have been through all that I am going though now and it seems them that it will be a short time till I am there but be (24) twenty four at least and that is very old. # Well dear Mina I have devoted really two periods to you and you know know that I love you very very for very seldom of ever if ever take time during the week to write a letter leave alone a letter like unto this. If you it too long just put it away as Grace did my long letter to her , and forget that you have one.But don’t forget to write to me as again soon ans long the logner the letter for its only takes a minte to read letters when I want to be write the person hours. # Well sweet sister good bye thank you for wanting me to live with you. I think I spend most of my time there already but I love to be with you even if I don’t nothing to be of help to you. Give my love to Thomas. Your loving sister Mame and the ----boys and with a heartfull of love for you.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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