[X018C9AH], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, January 22nd, 1888


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[X018C9AH], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, January 22nd, 1888

Editor's Notes

13-6763. [8 pgs] "What a kind loving sister you are! To think that you would send me your [illeg] handkerchiev and then offer to buy me a new one. Now Mina you keep the new one yourself the old one is good enough for me. How does it come that you sent it? How did you know that I was in need of one? You must have your eyes open very wide open. How I have managed to smile this much and not get in a word edge ways about examinations is more than I can tell. All my letters today have been full of the [illeg accusations?]. Well I can keep it no longer I have actually passed in Geometry and French and I think Ethics although I have not heard from…." [etc. etc] ## That candy you sent was so excellent. I only have the last mite left for I fed all the girls in the room as they have stopped being good…[etc. etc]. ## Papa likes the idea of my going to Europ very much. I hope he wil let us go for I think it would be elegant. I would try awfully hard to speak French and we could learn a great deal in the time we were there…. [etc etc] # [Helen?] is going h ome this week her strength has [gone out?] and the Doctor thinks she ought to go. She will be away a whole year and then come back a year from now and begin where she leaves off. She has completed the times work or will after next Wednesday when all the exams are over. Do you see she will lose nothing by going home a year to rest….[etc. etc] ## Did Marion ever get her trunk. I have not heard a word from hersince she left us [and?] that great [illeg top image 4] tel me how she goes to Bradford. ## All right Mina if you will promise not to think yourself too y oung I will promise not to think myself too old. Now you must confess your sins and tell me when you break our agreement and I will tell you. Mlle. Think I am about seventeen I think she was fooling me but the girls think I look young so perhaps I do a little. I hope I do. There I am breaking the rule but I won't say more. ## You wrote me a lovely letter the last time. I wish you could always find time to write me such. It must be pretty hard on you to have Mr. Edison working so hard out there it is something to benefit the world so perhaps it is best and perhaps the little [ones will?] like work better if you seem interested. You must have had quite a little picnic the other night you had your supper in the laboratory. ## What did Miss Johnson think of your cases? Did she say you were getting nicely and that you should take care of yourself. I am so glad you are taking good care of youself. I think you had best stop going to New York now for you make yourself too tired when you go and are liable to catch cold. Mamma writes me you had a cold. I hope it is better. Mina tell me all about yourself and tell dea Mamma she is so anxious about you and wants you to keep well so much. You must tell her everything for she can help you so much. ## Did Helen Hall accept your invitation? Tell me who she is. ## Am glad Mr. [illeg] is coming it seems like such a long time since I have seen him [top pg 6] or anybody from home. I know I have written him thanking him for the present…. [etc etc] ## So you think there are two do you. Oh well, Mina, never mind if there are two you can give one to me and I will love it just as much as it would be possible human creature to love it. But I don’t believe you are to have two for you know you kept saying that before and there was only one. [referring to 1887 stillbirth/miscarriage?] [Mina pregnancy; twins?] ## I am glad you are so happy. I hope your kind dear husband will never have any reason to cease from loving his wife and [illeg top p. 7]. He loves you dearly Mina, so why should not you be happy so happy [in?] his love. If I can make my future husband (if I ever have one) love me half as much I will be very very happy. ## I think I must be following in Napoleon's footsteps unhappy [illeg lines] ## Next Thursday is day of Prayer for all colleges. I wish you were in Boston that I might spend it with you. It seems a long way off before I shall see you again but --- will write after and the time will pass sooner…. [time for bed; top p. 8] ## I am very glad Mr. Edison likes me alittle. Ithought he only liked me because of you and he pretended to like me but since you say so I will be [illeg.]. I think a great deal of him and of course want him to think some of me. ## Well good night dear Mina and Thomas. Be good children and love each other… ## With lots and lots of love to you and Thomas and the little boys I am Your loving and true sister




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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