[X018C9AK], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, February 14th, 1889


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[X018C9AK], Letter from Mary Emily Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, February 14th, 1889

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2-668. We recived you letter three ot four days ago but we as we sent the telegram"Alright" and Madameiselle wroite you a letter at the same time time I thought I would reseve my letter till late. I suppose you are now helping Marion get ready to come. I hope you not getting things that she can get here much cheaper# We will see about her profesors in the studies you want her to take you have given us two lists quite different about I suppose the best is the sue intend to settle upon. You will talkto Marion about about that before she comes she will know what she is to take. Now dear Mina Frace and I am very anxious to take riding lessons and although Papa has not gives a reply to our letter get we expect to take and I suppose Marrion will want to take with us. The lessons are about two diollars a piece they make a little a piece they make a little reduction if we take together , but what troubles me is Madomsielle she seems to think she is to take too course if she takes that would involve a riding habit etc. for her fons to pay. I think it would be just as well for her to accompany us and watch without taking the lessons and when we ride out any where she can take a carriage . I don’t how I can tell her for I would not hurt her feelings for anything You asked me what uI think of her now? Well I can assure you that I am not dissapointed in her. She is lovely and if I did not like her so much it would not be so hard for me to tell her things like that I have just told you. I think every thing of her of course we have our spat but every body that has that is is nothing rare. Feb 19 ## we received a letter from you last night with duplicate check. I am sorry you to so much trouble but since you sent some to get your self something I don’t feel so badly about it. Mina so you wear chenuese , very cheap in real lace . I thought I would take them on the short but did not know whether you or any of the others wore chemuises. I know Mamma does but theses would been to fancy for Mamma althought they are very simple. Dear Mamma she wont wear a thing that is a bit pretty. What a lovelyl Xmas you had Mina . You faired splendidly I am very anxiou to see that dear little watch I am sure it is so handsome. And your baby Mammas letter are filled with her name mist every other sentence is Madeline did this or that, It serendes her praises the whole time. She must be a little beauty form all reports, what does brother Thomas think of her . I wish he would write me a letter now and then seems to me he has grown very proud since he had made a success of the phonograph he wont say a word to his sister Mary. ## When Marion we shall have to squeeze a little til the end of May for you know the advancement is not very large. We have another bed to put in our bed room al the other things are large enough and it a good thing that our bedroom is a respectable size. I expect Marion will be full of news of all the folks on America I hope so at least.## Just think? Mina we never received those pictures of Marion and Papa . I think they ought to send us another set don’t you?## Mina we are going to find your bonne as soon as we can but we want you to have a good one. How would you like this plan . We are only talked of it among ourselves and of course do not know if we could be able to do it or not.## The lady MME Kayser who is keeping house for us we think ir would be splendid person for you. She would help you wiith the baby and with the house- she is a splendid worker about the house and loves children how I don’t know as she would wanst to take care of the unmentionable parts but thought you might take a little job for a small sum to do that part. # Dear Mina you demand so many things for your house I don’t believe we can find sich a good one Certainly noy one who would be company for you. MME Katen would be a great deal of company for you is very nicely educated. You could learn french as as your nany and German too if you like. She could go to you in the month of May wjem we leave. I tell you Mina it is a chance not to be missed if she will consent to go. She has all the qualities you demand to a high point and I ams sure you will find her all I say she is. Of course you must decieded immediaitely if you want her or not. In the meantime we will be looking for a regular bonne for you and if Mme K cant go or you don’t want her the LLIe other will be ready. ## if you want Mme K, send cable gram yes if not no and I will understand. ## You know Mme Kaysin is making her plans for next year so will have to decide soon.# We have just made a call on an artist here. Mr. Alexadnrer he has a quite a nice little studio and is going to finish a very pretty picture which is for the salon this spring- The subject is a young girl bending down to a stream for a drink of water. She is very pretty indeed. Oh I am so anxious to begin to do something in ut seems to me I will never get through with drawing- But it takes a long long time. Well good bye Mina it was lovely of you ro tell Grace and need to buy some pretty things for ourselves but we are going to get you something pretty with ir. Wiith love to all the dear ones and lots of love for yourself. #Send marion as soon as you can with good instructions Oh Mina I forgot to mention about what Madomesielle expects she want you to give her forty dollars a month ( first it was fifty but I talked to her and shw says now forty I think forty is about right to pay a third of her medicine bills ( we have payed them so far) a third of her boarding and in short attend of everything we pay for her now . If we take riding lessons she wants to get her a habit pay for lessons and if we g out riding pay for her horse. Good bye once more




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