[X018D1AG], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, July 31st, 1889


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[X018D1AG], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Thomas Alva Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, July 31st, 1889

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[10-5524. Initially indexed as 1888. Changed by TEJ on 2-25-2016.] My Dear Mina and Mr Edison##Why how do you do. I am so very glad you have arrived safe and are well. Did you get very sick while on the water and how are all the folkes at home how is little Madaleine Thomas and William. Oh I wish I could see that little pet can she walk and talk why [Grandnman] says she can and she could walk a little before she went to Akron. O I do wish she was hear and I could see her now O well I want tot talk on anything about her if I spend all my time doing that I will not learn or have a good time nor let anyone else so I will ask yiou a few questions. Marion how are you and what are you doing these times. Mame and Gracy how are you when did all of you get ther and where are you stoping is everything fine. How far is it from hear to where you stay. Marion did you like London what did you see do you think you would like to live there. Well I am so tired I must get dressed a little and have something to eat. Well I think I will talk a little now your Pa left this ev'ng for Pitsburg and then for your place to see you sail also Lewis the same time and same reason I hope they will get to you safely and in dew time I do not think my Dear Mina can say her folkes do not think anything of her because they never come to see me no she can never say for some of our folkes are ther all the time. I do hope that my Dear little Johny and Theoder good or have been good to you while with you for you have ben so very kind and good to them I will thank you for them and my self for your kindness and care for them while they were sick. I do hope I will have as good luck with my Dear little pet and she will be as well and strong as Johny and Theoder are. Mr Malary was in a little this afternoon and he said I wold hardly know Theoder with this long pants on they make him look so long and he said also they were very well my little pet is very well and has taken four steps to day and she does enjoy pushing the little carage around or up and down the hall she also loves to pick up little graval in the road and she can sing dododo she has a picture where there is a class of little girles singing she will look and look at them and then comence to sing dododo and she also has a picture she calles mama she holdes on to that with all her might and showes it to everybody near her I epxect Pa and Lew will tell you all about how she does and tell more than I can think of Just now [Leana?] had her a sleep now she sleeps good all night if she does not get to tired through the day she is a lovely babe we think. Please do not wory or think of her as being sick or in truble any way for she is well and we will try and do all and the best we can for her. We have Eddie Thomas and William with us to night that is better than no men at all don’t you think we have been without one man in the house. I expect you and the girles will have a grand time talking over that Telegraph afair it was to bad I nor ny of us could think and do the right thing sooner I trusted to Mr Marvin and did not exactly know the right thing neither but I am so very glad it did not prove to be wht we feard it to be I think we have learned a lesson wwill think before acting. I am so very glad both of our Dear ones are well and I trust happy please tell them we are well and so glad they are we are happy toI did think I would write to my Dear Maime and Gracy to this ev'ng but as it was so late before getting at writing so it makes it a little late to eomence another letter so will ask you to give them my love and very best wishes and do hope you and all will have the very best of times while togetehr and if Dear Maime is not right well I do hope she will come home with you but you two do what you think is the best for Dear Maime I dfo want her to have all she can that will be good for her. I do hope Dear Gracy will have a good time there and at Collage to I also hope Dear Marion will have a good time and will learn a grate deal while there and will keep well and happy and strong. I think I will close for this ev'ng hoping this with the little package we will send with this will reach you in safty and in dew time. You my Dear be happy and have a good time be ready to go and come whenever Mr Edison wantes you to go so both can and will be happy and enjoy the time while there the better both enjoy the time the faster it will pass and the sooner you can get to see little pet. We are all well and do hope these few llines will find you all the same. All join me in sending love and very best of wishes to you and all. Please kiss each other and one another for me yor poor Mother
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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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