[X018D1AI], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, August 30th, 1888


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[X018D1AI], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, August 30th, 1888

Editor's Notes

10-5479. I would be so glad if I did know how you all were just now the report is hear that Mr Edison is very poorly [await?] makes all of us feel very anxious if any thing new has come up on Mr Edison or if it the old report we would be so glad dear Mina if you would let us know if any thing happenes in any way that will cause any anxiety in regard to mr Edison 's health please do not let it be as it was when Mr Edison was sick before but let us know just how he and all of you are and if any of us can do any thing in any way for you let us know every few days by Telegraph if Mr Edison is sick and then write as often as you can tell all you can to O how I wish you were nearer hear now do let u know soon how all of you are. Dear Mina your very very kind letter came in dew time and we do thank you for feeling and thinking you had a plesent time at the Lake I know I did enjoy your stay with us I only wich we could be together now and those Dear Children they were no bother nor truble in the least I would be glad to do all and more again never write to us again as you did for we will be gland to do all and every thing we can for your Dear ones and what belonges to you and Mr Edison belonges to us and we want to do all and every thing we can for all of you now as for the time that you was with us at the Lake it is all right as it is but pa is a going to write to you and he will make it plain and clear to you do not worry in the least about that we are only sory we could not make it more plesent for all of you. I had Mr [Cripen?] take the Glass downe to his house and he will take it Jamestown and get it all right it was a glass that I Jenie did not like any way she was a going to have it changed any way so it is all right now do ot for one moment think of anything of that kind anymore but look on the bright side and the good thing that are to come and what has passed we have had many a lively time to get her and I epxect to have many more happy day and wishes [for years to there?] see what Johne had maid me do I wonder if Thomas and William has as hard a time to find something to do as Johne and Theoder has they are so lonesome and trubled to find something to do they are most sick at least they look and act so. How is Marion I expect she is as busy as she can be getting ready for school. I hope she is well and happy and she will have good luck in getting ready for school please give her my best wishes and respects tell I often [-------] think of the time we were at the Lake together I enjoyed it very much whetehr she did I don't know exactly but hope she did. Pa met Miss MacWilliams the other day and she told your pa she would be glad to go to your house and teach. I do hope she will and will have good luck. Do you have any more truble with poor little William I hope not but he as well as Thomas are good little boys and do all they can to make both Fatehr and Mother happy and gald. That dear dear little darling I have not said anything in particular about her not that I did not think of her that she is the smalest and youngest in the Famaly [name?] but I cannot find words to express my love and best wishes for her the little helpless darling. O how I would love to have her in my armes and giver her so many many kisses I wish you would do all this for me until Christmas and then we will have time O I wish time would fly fast it seemes slow now but I think after I get settled and at work right time will go faster at least I hope so Dear Mina we are not through yet with the house it seemes as though we never will neither they do work so slow think when all finished it will look very well. I do not think I had better try to tell you anything but let you wait until you come and if Mr Edison is not well I hope you will come right hear with him and let him rest hear. I do think it would do him good to be hear away from all work and it is quiet and he will have nothing to do but restso come if he is not well and come soone. Miss MacWilliams can keep the little boys and Dot will be at school so there will be nothing to keep you and Mr Edison and little darling so come soone as you can. Pa said I should send this money back to you and tell you he had maid it all right and it was all right and you should be contented and be happy Pa will write soone and tell you all about everything so now I will close for time by saing Jennie sends love and best wishes and is very sory you could not get hear when you said and all expected to have you hear. We aer all well and so hope you all are to. Please except my love and best wishes and remember me to all and believe me when I say I love you. From your Mother.##PS My Dear I forgot to tell you the Ladys name until just now it is Mrs [Holloway?]. Jennie says send the exact measurement and she will see to getting it done as she is not at work just now but will comence some time next month the one that Jennie has is beautiful I think I think Jennie can get it all right if you send the measurement to her I would do that way. Good by again. Mother##do hope all are well and happy




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