[X018D1AJ], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, September 3rd, 1888


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[X018D1AJ], Letter from Mary Valinda (Mrs Lewis) Miller to Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.) Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, September 3rd, 1888

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10-5482. "My dear Mina and Mr Edison: I did so much enjoy hearing Pa read your letter and one from dear Mamie this morning they both came together and just as we were through with breakfast and when they got here at that time Pa always stole and reads them Pa was very much pleased with both he thinks you are a [illeg words] and he hopes you will always be able to keep along as you do now. We were both very much pleased the children were all right. Glad Willy is such a good little boy we think he wrote the best letter of thanks but still both did very nicely better than our boys. They never sent one word that I know of but my darling Darling there is nothing like perseverence and line upon line it will tell sometime keep up good cheer, I am glad everything was in order when [reaching?] home dear Mina. I would hold on to my old help until you are [illeg] You are bettering yourself for sure at least until they do or do not do what is right and as you want them to. I am glad Marion is willing to come to you for advice but I think it will be just as pleasant if not better for Marion to go awy to school this winter. I hope the boys will do well and all will enjoy the winter very much. Dear little darling O how I would love to have her with me just now. I would so much [illeg] than write it is such a task for me to write I never can write what I want to or at least all I want to for I get the paper full of something that is not worth anytinhg I I should read my letters over I never would send them if you do find any pleasure in reading them I am very glad. I would love to write good letters if I could. [Jennie?] is at the Lake now she went Saturday morning we have not heard from her [illeg faint line] thinks she will be home tomorrow if she does not he is going up as to come home with her. [some news about neighbors/friends, by name--p. 3] I will send Mamie's letter to you so you can read it and if you please I would be glad if you would send it back or keep it until you come just as you like. We all have read this but [illeg] and Robbie and Louie, they are so busy down there I hardly think they could take time to read it if I shuld send it to them they are getting ready for a Harvest festival. Robbie has the charge of it and it makes a grate deal of hard work. Dear boy I have not seen him yet but after this is over I am going down. Ira and Cora have just started for the west. They will be gone about four weeks. Dear little Margaret was feeling very poorly yesterday but I expect she is better as Cora said she would not go away if she was not gbetter. O I do hope dear little darling will keep well and you also all of of you please kiss the little darling over and over for me. [top p. 4] This is [illeg] and as Pa and Mary both start away it will keep us a little busy today but it will wake us up a little I think now darling do not make any differences in your plans [illeg words] nor anything else but just let us come and go just as easy as we can or you can [illeg] do not worry in the least about anything all will be right darling I will do just as you say. I will not get anything for I Christmas but have a good time with the children. I do think that will be a merry Christmas for me and in fact for all but I do hope all will have a grand good time if we have much or litle if only smile and kind words and acts are plenty we will be all right. Well darling without something [illeg] between this and the [illeg] we will all be there but please do not worry about anything in any way. [closing top of p. 2] [illeg line] ….for this time hpoing you will [illeg] my live and best wishes and remember me to Mr. E and the dear children and the girls I will say good night hope you will rest well also Mr Edison and all. Good bye. Mother." [added by TEJ 2/29/2016: PS (written on a small piece of paper) not on the microfilm: "I do hope the trouble that you and Dear Mr Edison is over or all settled and now both are feeling better about it and both are cheerful and happy[.] try and keep up good courage."]




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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